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    worlds ugliest candy-kid

    we want more :eek:
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    Austin Powers Thread *With Spoilers*

    Tom Cruise as Austin Powers Kevin Spacey as Dr. Evil Danny Devito as Mini Me!!! LOL That was the best part of the movie!! Or mabey it wasn't I fell asleep an hour in, only to catch the last 20 min. As I ask my friend "how long has mini me, been mini austin" O well I'll just have to see it...
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    Pei-peej>3 Day

    Must see the PJ You better get that time off!! You could tell your boss that there is a most famous of all time EC dancer Reunion!! Since you were a superstar dancer you have to go!! What ever you do don't tell him you want do drink bull-ryde's and get chewed!! :eek: Hope to see you bud...
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    ClubDistrict Street Party Sat. June 29 on Queen

    This Saturday June 29th from 2-8pm Clubdistrict will be hosting a sidewalk party on Queen street @ Soho or in front of Fez Batik . Be sure to check the website for the location or walk around the block to find us, or just listen for the pumping bass!! Dj's on the decks include, Tim...
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    Big Bud

    December 5, 2001 The ownership of Big BudTM would like to apologize to our supporters that attended “More Fiya” on Dec1/01, for the unfortunate incident in which Knowledge & Wisdom did not perform. We would never want to involve the party people of T-Dot, in the behind the scenes politics that...