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    FS - DJ setup + road case (CDJ 1000mk2 x2, A&H Xone92)

    Selling for $2900 firm. Available for inspection and Toronto pickup. All items are in excellent, fully working condition and come with all pertinent cables. Everything is housed in a custom coffin case. Reason for selling is that I've relocated to Europe and don't need it there. I will not...
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    FAO: Gizmo, Suke, fleaflo

    http://www.bayoubhangra.com/ Quick heads-up: Stole this poster off the wall of the club in Houston I was at last night. Mint condition. Bidding will commence upon arrival in Toronto. I will do my best to ensure it's safe passage into Canada tomorrow. As you were. Luke
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    Front 242 info needed ASAP

    Just a question for anyone who's at home and has Front By Front or the Never Stop! single. I need all the publishing info located in the sleevenote...everything it says under the track Never Stop!. ie year/written by/publisher etc. Thanks in advance...
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    3rd Watch

    Just started watching this a few weeks ago...wondering if anyone could fill me in on the Sully/russian wife/chechynko story?!?!? I missed the whole story behind it and they haven't really explained much since I started tuning in... Much appreciated!!
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    "I'll cut ya bitch!"

    Will someone please post that picture again of that crazy little kid with the butcher knife? I will love you forever...
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    Promo CD/Protonradio tracklisting

    I must have agonized over this thing for way too long but finally nailed it down... Here's the tracks: Altocamet - Pasion Descalza (Swayzak) - Shinichi Alphaweezen - Gai Soliel (Terry Lee Brown Jr.) - Plastic City Audio Soul Project - Everything is Alright - NRK Moonface - Roton -...
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    FAO Lou Diamond Philips

    Lou... I no longer have your email address and apologize for this spam but can you please email me? I'd like to clear up a few plot holes from Young Guns... Thanks! Luke