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    FS: Akai MPD 24

    Barely used, perfect condition. Box and manual included. $200obo
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    New BLU

    My favourite rapper right now BLU, just released his latest offering...free like most of his work. The quality is kinda crappy tho: LINK
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    I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet...

    DOOM featuring Mos Def Jan 27th @ the Koolhaus
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    e-comerce site

    I have to develop an e-comerce site from scratch. It needs to take and track orders. The only webdev experience I have is making a web folio with basic gallery images. Does anyone know of any good resources? Perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I have no idea where to start.
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    World Maps

    Does anyone know the URL to the website that gives you skewed maps of the world, where countries land masses are changed based on a statistic?
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    RANE TTM-56 - $800obo

    Mixer is in near mint condition. Lightly used in a smoke free environment. Selling to pay for tuition fees. Price is negotiable. 416-420-9416 Included: -box -mixer -AC adapter -manual http://toronto.craigslist.org/ele/324423537.html
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    tibetan writing

    can anyone find the tibetan words for: truth reason i need it for tattoo
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    I just heard the new Quas track "Rappcats". Holy shiet its so good. Nice shout out to Maestro Fresh Wes too!
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    new quas...broad factor

    the mp3 is downloadable on the stonesthrow site...oh and theres a madlib set on there too. it's aight...not bad, but not great. now we gotta wait until spring for the new album.
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    stones throw 101

    damn that mix is nice. the fiagaro remix is siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. i like the raw shit alternate too...
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    design exchange on bay

    has anyone been? what did you think of it?
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    madlib interview on stonesthrow.com

    http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib/urbansmarts.html New Madvillain, Blue Note, and Quasimoto out next year... I just soiled myself.
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    FS: J-Live ticket

    Unfortunately I can't go to this concert on Thursday. Anyone interested in 1 ticket. Selling it for $15, which is about face value, but I'll meet you so you don't have to go west to shanti baba...
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    new de la

    Its dope. So many nice collabos on it. I'm so glad the sean paul track didnt make the final cut. Definitely their best effort in a while...
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    gift help

    A friend of mine is moving to the UK for 2 years. I need some help with a going away gift. Nothing big, actually, I was thinking of something low in price and high on novelty... Any ideas?
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    Vince really does want out

    "Vince Carter's agent revealed yesterday that the All-Star swingman met with Toronto Raptors management two weeks ago and asked the club to explore trade possibilities. "We did meet and asked them to look into trades," Mark Steinberg said in a telephone interview. "They know where we stand." link
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    attention OCAD students

    I'm in the middle of registering for classes for 1st year design. Does anyone have any feedback about certain teachers? Who is good? Who to avoid? Any other general help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    IKEA: billy shelves

    Does anyone use these to hold your records? Thoughts?
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    Portable Turntable

    Where is the best place to find one? (besides ebay) What do they usually cost? Is there anything I should consider when buying one? I just need it for digging.
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    Zero 7 - Sommersault, Danger Mouse Remix ft MF Doom

    The track is alright... here