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    Hey just saw this on Heyokas facebook, was curious about who's bringing him out?
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    If you're in B.C this summer.....

    then check out what we have going on for festivals! The biggest year for outdoor festivals B.C has seen! Entheos and Burn in the Forest just happened Uprising w/ Tipper, Vibesquad, Max Ulis, Taal Mala, Michael Red, Neigbour. Stickypod Connection, Timothy Wisdom, etc...
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    Noah Preds downtempo alias Shen has been blowing my mind as of late. Get to catch a live set of his soon. Super stoked. Along side Blue tech and Welder Curious if "Shen" gets many bookings out east or is mainly booked as Noah Pred for techno?
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    ****New Stickybuds Mix****

    Some serious funk action by the one we call Stickybuds!!!
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    Z-Trip, Bassnectar, Mat the Alien.

    this is such an incredibly stacked line up. Z-trip and Bassnectar are going to end the night with a 2 x 4 mashup set. With Mat the Alien playing sets through out the night. The Commodore is one of the few Venue's that can do these Dj's any justice. so stoked....november 22nd
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    Neighbor presents The New Sound of Disco

    http://www.woodnsoo.com/stuff/Neighbour_NewSoundOfDisco.mp3 tracklist: 01 Chips & Salsoul 02 Spacecraft, Suit & Rover 03 Simon Wants To Rock 04 Something In The Heat 05 Italo Is My Therapist 06 Clam Bake 07 Time To Kick It Like (w/ Rex Pistols) 08 Body Come On! (w/ Rex Pistols) 09...
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    A-Skillz @ Breakspoll

    http://www.newmixes.com/tag/a-skillz A.Skillz – ‘A-Team Intro’ (CD-R) A.Skillz – ‘Nikka Banger’ (Finger Lickin) Flow Dynamite re-edit - ‘Flow dynamics’ (Freestyle Records) A.Skillz - ‘LSD’ (Insane Bangers) Futurecast - ‘Stomp’ (Bombstrikes) Dj Stickybuds - ‘Bass Now Whatcha Gon' Do’...
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    "Home Skool" album release at the Rivoli

    what a night. I think i may have broke a toe, but sometimes sacrifices must be made in the name of losing your shit on the dancefloor. Farbsie - you're really starting to impress me lately behind the decks. You've improved so much on the tables since when i first heard you play. big ups...
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    Track ID - "young hustlas these days think it's easy"

    hey its a tune off of the 1st part of Mat the Aliens POW mix. 9 minutes in http://www.zshare.net/audio/32592505a8a0fd/ "hip hop is numba 1 sellin form of music world wide, so stakes are high and every rapper wants to try but who wants to work and get good at first. instead of...
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    IADT = Waste of money. CBS 60 minutes report.

    CEC who owns the International Acadamy of Design and Technology are only out for your money. If you or any loved ones plan to intend IADT please save them the debt and show them this article. I'm 21, and have a 18 000 debt hanging over my head. For a school that is considered a total joke in...
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    Will somebody please give StreetDreams the banhammer.

    the guy is obviously a troll that feeed off of negativity. lets take a minute and read what he has had to say latley. so yeah i just wasted 5 mins of my time to do this, please don't let my efforts go un noticed. Ndrwrld seems to be getting a kick out of feeding the...
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    EDM on South Beach, Miami?

    hey tribers. going to south beach in January and was wondering if anyone on here knew of any good clubs or local message boards to check out that will be playing some good EDM. preferably something that is funky.
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    farting in the club

    so when is it ok to fart in a club? during a break down? while having a smoke? i'd like to get a consensus here. example: its packed to the tits, you really have to let one rip, the music is good that you don't want to leave just to pass some gas. do you let it go? pretend it wasn't you...
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    Ursula 1000 - Dust Galaxy - Rob Garza (thievery corp)

    @ circa saw it on myspace. Finally something at Circa that is enticing me musically.
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    FS- Justice ticket

    70 $ or the highest offer
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    The Sound Republic + Justin Long

    So dam excited.
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    Shambhala Music Festival 2007 - Nelson B.C. - Who's comin with me?

    I'm starting to get the pre-shambhala hype jitters. the line up that is still not 100 % complete. Z Trip Doc Martin Live Bassbin Twins Diesel Boy Skream Krafty Kuts Rennie Pilgrim Adam Freeland Fort Knox Five vs. Thunderball All Good Funk Alliance A.S.S...
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    Jelo Vs Deko-ze Vs Robb G @ Opera House

    Deko-ze Vs Robb G Vs Jelo technics1200 :D technics1200 :) technics1200 :cool: technics1200 and Big League Chu Vs Dave Saddler :cool: technics1200 :o should be a great night of some solid music. Whenever Activate and Make It Funky team up you know it's going to be a gong show...
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    Freddy Fresh and King Sunshine *MiF*

    I'm haven't been this excited for a party in a long time. I've always wanted to see King Sunshine play llive after hearing so many good reviews, and hearing some of there tunage on there myspace. and after hearing that Freddy Fresh set that Hipstreave posted, I'm hella stoked. The last...
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    Legends of Funk - Czech, BLC, John E

    Going to be a good jam for sure! Stoked to check out the Fez Batik Bring on the funk!!!technics1200