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    FS Batman Arkham Knight PS4

    Hello all, Selling this because I am done with it and do not purchase DLC's for any game anymore, it was great and fun as hell. 40 bucks takes it and I can meet around Union or Liberty Village depending on the time, PM for details if needed. Thanks
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    Apple iPhone 6+ Sillicone Case

    Hey Guys, I'm a Raptors fanatic so I bought a Raps 6+ case and need to unload the Apple one I purchased. In store it's going for 45 +tax if I am not mistaken. Willing to get rid of it for $35 it in perfect condition not a mark on it and it's baby blue. I can meet near Liberty Village...
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    FS: Used PS3 Console + 1game

    Hey Guys, PS4 is on its way so I'm selling my PS3 works perfect its first gen 50gb two controllers and street fighter IV I selling for $80 if you want to meet somewhere and $75 if you pick up. email @ slothiel at gmail dot com I don't check pm's much. putting this up on Craigslist...
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    TV Repair place downtown?

    I have an old LCD in my room that just turned off and won't go back on and from what I have researched it's not that big a fix so I am looking for a place to take it into and see it would even be worth it to get it going again. Anyone know of any decent place to take it in to?
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    FS: 2 Tickets Raptors vs. Bucks - Friday November 21st

    Hello, I have a friend who is selling his tickets for tomorrow Section 101 row 12 seats 6 & 7 $120 for the pair, face is $70. If you are interested PM me. Thanks Louie
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    Redditor in a reasonbly priced car TOP GEAR

    [Challenge] Redditor in a Reasonably Priced Car (FM5) : forza so here is the challenge very cool for anyone that is a Top Gear and Forza fan, rules are send you DVR your lap and submit, you get three attempts for submission. Here's my first good for 7th.....manual...
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    FS- Cadillac Fairview Gift Card(value$100) - $90

    Hello, I was gifted this card from work and I'm a dood with not much shopping on his mind right now and really could just use the cashola. So if you wanna make 10 bucks and go shopping here's your chance :) $90 for pick up downtown core (work by union station and live in liberty) $95...
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    Statue of Ted Rogers W-T-F

    Rogers Communications Inc. | MEDIA AND PHOTO ALERT - Ted Rogers to be Honoured with Bronze Statue at Rogers Centre, July 23 This is the most insane thing I have read all day this man did nothing for this team I'm still shocked
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    New Xbox detail (Nov 2013) -blu ray time eat it PS

    very excited but tis a looooong wait Xbox 720: The 14 game-changing features of the next Xbox - ComputerAndVideoGames.com
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    Playing 3D Blu Rays from a PC

    Hello Tribe Folk, I was wondering if anyone was hip to this 3D buisnass? I have a 3D ready TV, a 3D ready video card, system is dual core 1.6 with 4gb of ram, 3D glasses but every time I play the 3D Blu Ray is choppy as hell and i can figure out how to get it to work. Disk is Avenger...
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    FS: Xbox 360 - FN Champions & Black Ops

    looking for 70 for the two I think thats reasonable but I havent done a hardcore look into how cheap you could get em I know Black Ops used is still much more than 35 bucks both in great condition pick up after 5 in liberty village area or 9-5 around the royal york hotel selling them...
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    Portal 2

    awesome! I love it just finished the 1st on this weekend and the 2nd seem just as good for now whos got this?? I wanna do some co op!
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    FS: Fight Night Champions(xbox360)

    Hey peoples, trying to get rid of this because I have too many games and barely touch this one. I've put in in the xbox five times since I bought it so it's in perfect condition. asking $50 Louie
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    Sister Bday gift HALP needed tribe ladies

    Hello, I want to get a gift certificate so my sister can visit a spa and get a facial or something along those lines(i really have no clue) she lives right downtown so anything in the area. I'm not rich but I dont want to cheap out on this one either so any suggestion on good place to look...
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    Hiking Backpack 63L

    Hey I got this new backpack from work and it was supposed to be a 25L but then they dropped of this monster so after some web hunting I find it's the Eureka Getaway 63L and it's listed at around 95+taxes I'll be willing to part with it for 90 bucks or the best offer with the latter...
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    ESPN Fantasy Football winner homeless

    Homeless man is the king of fantasy football - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports wow!!
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    Best Floor Mat EVER!

    NfFzmRQriss I got this from The Fun Theory and the website is all kinds of awesome!
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    Key N Krates@Lee's Palace

    I'll be hitting this up tomorrow should be a great time....anyone else attending?
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    These Ops, they are black!

    I frikin love the new online play system and the server they got for this one is amazing... wager matches, contracts all too good I love that you can go back and see your last 15 matchesthe camera of any player involved played solo campaign for about all of 10 seconds, no review for...
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    RIP - Pat Burns

    Cancer got him Rest In Peace Burnsie:(