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  1. Psyrel

    Jeff Mills

    Sat Sept 9, location TBA Not cheap at all but considering he's hardly ever here.... ------------------------------------- Into The Void with Jeff Mills We journey through the soul and mind of Jeff Mills for 3+ hours and enter into an abyss of endless possibilites... 10000 sq ft raw...
  2. Psyrel

    The Orb!

    Sat Aug 19th, Mod club Legendary ambient house pioneers The Orb return to Toronto for the first time in over a decade. And tix are still very reasonable at under $25 bones The Orb
  3. Psyrel

    Lost & Found showcase

    Sunday July 16, Sunnyside Lost & Found Showcase featuring Guy J, Eelke Kleijn, Guy Mantzur, Chicola, Khen, Sahar Z Between All Day I Dream, Bounce and this one.... yep, I'm calling it. Going to be THE weekend of the entire summer.
  4. Psyrel

    All Day I Dream

    All Day I Dream of Sunshine Divine Sat July 15, Fort York Hands down my highlight from summer last year. Won't miss it & in fact going to the Montreal one the weekend before. It's going to require some creative overlapping between this & Bounce... but it can be done :D All Day I Dream of...
  5. Psyrel

    Cherry blossoms

    Hey all, posting this here cause nobody looks at the roll calls anymore. Dave (Promise): We'll be visiting the beautiful hillside in High Park tomorrow and watching as the pink cherry tree buds pop and turn into white fluffy blossoms right in front of our faces. The trees are at about 25%...
  6. Psyrel

    New prog (yes it exists)

    Ok everyone, testing to see if there's any life around here. SO much good music these days. Prog, tech house, melodic techno... call it what you like. Current faves & can do no wrong: Guy J, Henry Saiz Really loving: Nature of Music (Toronto!), Patrice Baumel, Martin Garcia, Jason Kendig...
  7. Psyrel

    All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies

    Sunday, July 17 Fort York All Day I Dream finally (!) lands here... Hands down my fave label Completely wonderful djs - Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay and YokoO Fab summer weather Heaps of friends Can't wait to get all floaty & dreamy... this could very well be the highlight of my...
  8. Psyrel


    The Man Like is back. Friday May 6 at Coda. Last time he was at Coda, 2 years ago, I got rather drunk and vaguely remember the music as being flat until the very end. But last summer at Electric Island he was focused, precise and awesome. Who else is in? 3 days heads up this time. :D
  9. Psyrel

    Way Out West (live)

    Jody Wisternoff + Nick Warren = live WOW set. Sat 26 March at Nest. It's been ages since WOW were last here as a duo. Nick's here usually every year (boat cruise last summer, Ryze in 2014) and Jody's been touring extensively with Anjunadeep (sold out show last Feb at Mod Club). But together...
  10. Psyrel

    DEMF (Movement) 2016

    Phase 1 is pretty sweet!
  11. Psyrel


    Danny Howells, Fri at CODA. His 1st time at CODA, I'm curious to see what he thinks of the new space since he really liked FW. My fave locals, Nature of Music, are also on the bill. 4 more sleeps!
  12. Psyrel

    Satoshi Tomiie

    He's back! Tonight (Fri) @ Toika. Haven't seen him for ~1 1/2yrs, so quite looking forward to it.
  13. Psyrel

    Offliberty replacement?

    I'm a huge fan of Offliberty, use it regularly to download mixes from Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc. Now though it's no longer working with Soundcloud. The horror! So Tribe, can anyone recommend something good that can download Soundcloud mixes? I'd prefer it if I didn't have to install a program...
  14. Psyrel

    Danny Howells

    Sat 14 at Toika! Been constantly listening to his new Transitions mix - https://soundcloud.com/everybodywantstobethedj/transitions-484-danny-howells
  15. Psyrel

    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day Tribe! I'm heading to the island for Sasha in a bit, I'd have liked more sunshine but no rain expected so can't complain. What's everyone doing to celebrate?
  16. Psyrel

    Henry Saiz

    This Sat at Toika. His first time in town too! I'm loving his distinctive melodic house-proggy sound. Transitions (23-11-2012) https://soundcloud.com/henry-saiz/henry-saiz-guest-mix
  17. Psyrel

    Tenaglia @ Stereo

    Really glad Ilia was visiting and we opted to take a Mtl roadtrip to check out Danny Tenaglia on Monday. It was quite busy when we got in (8pm) and it dropped to full but not crammed levels by midnight. We stayed til 5:30am, just enough time to catch the bus back. Heard that he ended just...
  18. Psyrel

    Guy J @ Toika

    A week late but oh well... My 1st time seeing Guy J and I'm very glad I didn't miss it. I wasn't expecting the tougher, chunky sounds he played at the start, it wasn't bad at all but just unexpected. Around 2:30 though it became all melodic, groovy, progressive tunes - which was *exactly*...
  19. Psyrel

    Vancouver & Nanaimo - what to do?

    Hi all, I'm going to Vancouver and Nanaimo next week, looking for suggestions on where to go, can't miss places etc. Spending 3 days in each city but won't have much free time in Nanaimo. I like casual, laid back stuff, cheap & cheerful is good too. Fun nightlife suggestions also appreciated...
  20. Psyrel

    Collapsible banner pole?

    Dear all knowing Tribe, where in Toronto can I buy 2 collapsible banner poles? I am looking specifically for something that extends to ~6 feet and shrinks down to as short as possible. Lightweight is a bonus. It's for use at rallies. I've been using cheap and cheerful wooden dowels from...