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    Anyone playing this? I looooove this game, but I'm stuck on the arrow puzzle! Can someone help me finish the arrow puzzle (the one with 3 up arrows and 3 down arrows and you have to switch them around)?
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    The Tribe MatchMaker Thread

    I've decided to compile a list of perfectly matched tribers, who seem destined to be together. These matches are most certainly compatible, although not together, which makes me think that perhaps they haven't been properly introduced yet. So, allow me! Hawk Eye + Randyval dr. claw +...
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    Help Please: Fradulent charges on my phone after going to mexico

    - I went to Cozumel, Mexico with my family in December 2008. - On the hotel phones, a toll-free number was listed with which you could have people call you at the hotel for free. - This toll-free number was used by someone living at my house, with my residential phone line, to call me in Mexico...
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    HTC Touch Pro users

    Found a forum thread with a bunch of hacks to improve battery life. Anyone try these? I'm sick of battery running out SO QUICKLY (because I use my phone for everything), and I'm sure there's lots of crap running in the background that's drowning batt. BUT, don't want to screw up my...
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    Do they even have books?

    I'm taking Native American Literature in school right now, and I've heard that question a lot recently when telling people that I've signed up for the course. I admit, I couldn't think of any literature from natives... aside from oral stories. But after only one class and doing half the...
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    Happy Birthday Michlerish!

    LOL just doesn't seem the same without a birthday thread on tribe :p
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    Windows Mobile Apps

    Got any cool applications for Windows Mobile? Kevtris (tetris): http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-kevtris-v2-0.html Metro (navigate public transit in tons of public cities): http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-metro-v5-7-0.html i-nigma (scan smartcodes with your...
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    Defiant Darfur Expels Aid Agencies

    http://www.causecast.org/news_items/8052-breaking-news-defiant-sudan-quickly-expels-aid-agencies-imperiling-darfur A day after an international court called for his arrest on war-crimes charges, Sudanese President Omar al Bashir on Thursday took his anger out on Western humanitarian agencies...
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    Long walks in the dead zone, romantic brain dinners...

    Even zombies get lonely sometimes. http://www.zombiesingles.com/
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    Man accused of assisting wife's suicide

    Police are looking for family and friends of the woman (she's from Waterloo): http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2009/02/09/hotel-death.html?ref=rss
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    Wiarton Willie suspected in double murder

    Could be why he predicted 6 more weeks of winter... an attempt to give himself more time to hide the bodies? :p http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2003/09/23/willie_killer030923.html
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    Child Prodigy - Adora Svitak

    I heard this girl on the radio last night, and I swear I thought she was at least 17. She teaches many subjects through video conference to kids, adults and even companies (Microsoft has called her in a few times). She's also an author and a poet. Found out she's only 11!!! Check out how...
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    If you commit a felony, don't google it!

    Or you'll go to jail... LOL http://i.gizmodo.com/5134441/if-you-commit-a-felony-dont-google-it-or-youll-go-to-jail Lee Harbert was a San Francisco-based investment banker with a history of DUIs. On Jan. 11, 2005, he killed 55-year-old Gurdeep Kaur in a hit-and-run with his Jaguar. Google...
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    Google Flu Tracker

    This is brilliant!!! Make sure you check out "how this works" to get the full picture: http://www.google.org/flutrends/ Although some people are worried this is an invasion of privacy, and it's a slippery slope.
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    Slimey Spa Package Salespeople

    I hate them all. I hate how they walk into your office pretending to know you. I hate how they walk up to you on the street pretending to just be a friend. I hate how they start with "Have you been to our spa yet?" I hate their loud fake laughs that seem more than a little creepy. I hate...
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    Lest We Forget

    Front Line Vignettes of the First World War from the National Film Board of Canada The Trenches The Life of the Soldier Faith and Hope Nurses at the Front The Officer's Role
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    C'est l'Halloween!

    Get yourself in the spirit for Halloween with these awesome online games/interactive sites... 100% Michlerish approved! #1. Exmortis 1 and Exmortis 2 - Very creepy, and very scary point and click games. Play the first before the second... and keep the lights on if you get scared easily...
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    Nuit Blanche 2008

    Who's with me?! Going to try and squeeze in SO many things on this night... so hopefully I can seek out only the good installations :p
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    How to Clean Stuff

    http://www.howtocleanstuff.net/ There. Now you don't have to start a thread next time.
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    Bike Sharing in Toronto - public forum on Sept 18

    Heard about this on CBC radio today... there's a forum tomorrow (18th) on Bike Sharing in Toronto, and whether it would actually work here. I think this would be awesome for Toronto, so I'm hoping it happens. I'm going to try and make it to the forum. Thought I would share it with Tribe...