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    Kingsley / Flowz / Method Brothers

    Two brothers djing, producing + releasing on DSEV label, Baltimore based. This is deep house, a bit east coast style, and a lot of west coast. DSEV label mix: Kingsley Break Em Off Kingsley and Carlson Ndam. Not the Ferrer-o proteges the Martino Brothers … !
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    did The New Deal play here recently?

    Anyone hear about a recent show in town? I just heard they played, like two weeks back. This guy also said they play frequently in the US now.
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    attn rav1njunk13

    b0x. phull. wtph.
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    Fred Everything

    Hey, how did Everything throw down?
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    FST / Sexy names

    I'll start. Brigitte Naomi Solange Roxana Mark
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    .FLAC to .mp3 .s’il te plaît

    i downloaded some good shit illegally. i'm not gonna mention any names. Ahem Sorry Zero 7 and *coughh* Peter Bjorn and John.
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    Big Cheese

    got some rox for your box, g-sox.
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    For iPodders / Uncued continuous mix listeners / Trackspotters

    I just discovered you can put tracklistings into your music metadata on an iPod. Good for when you want to trackspot on your cherished long jams that aren't cued. Copy the tracklisting as text and paste it into the Lyrics tab of the track info in iTunes. Wave your magic wand, do one-and-a...
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    Query: blocking ads in Safari 3

    Are any Safari users aware of ad-blocking extensions for Safari 3? Thanks.
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    Tribe solar system GIF

    I'm looking for the animated gif that shows Tribe at the centre of the solar system. It was posted in the last two days. Where did that sucker get to? sketched—
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    Clear some space, Josh

    The box, she is full.
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    David Harness

    David Harness, In our village. upcoming events June 29
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    Robbers superglue man to bike (Midrand SA)

    Thieves leave you with your ass, feet and hands superglued to an exercise bike, and your lips superglued shut. If you live on your own with no forthcoming guests, what the hell do you do? Rip yourself off it? Feel the burn! Start pedalling? :eek: Robbers superglue man to bike It...
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    Mischief & Frankie Docks promo set

    M&F were giving out a promo mix CD at the Docks on Saturday. If you weren't one of the lucky ones, it's also online at undergroundhouse.net (it's the April 2007 mix). Now, if I could only get a tracklist …
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    Tim Patrick BRT

    Tim, your PM box is overflowing … got a quick message to send.
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    Anyone savvy with music and Asian characters?

    Is anyone able to read these characters? This is a chill downtempo house set I love. I just don't know what the hell it is! Muchas! Roy
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    Phil Spector audio slideshow

    Phil Spector audio slideshow This is a 6-minute slideshow on the achievement of Phil Spector, the producer of early-'60s girl groups, Ike & Tina Turner, and later the Beatles and solo work by George Harrison and John Lennon. He was known for his so-called Wall of Sound. More recently, he...
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    Terry Lee Brown Jr

    Got to stop posting about him in the Timewriter thread - so here's his own. I just bought 'Karambolage', a mixed artist album on Plastic City, and it's tops.
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    Abacus anyone?

    How'd the 'A-team' (Adam-Abacus-Adam) throw down? Too late n cold for this geezer.
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    Please recommend a spa in North York

    Hey everyone. I want to send a special lady-friend for an indulgent spa pampering. Do any of you know of a good uptown spa? Uptown as in Yonge and Sheppard or thereabouts. Muchas!