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    Political Reading List

    I'd like to highly recommend "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss. It contains wonderful political lessons like "Don't be afraid of things that are different". I would also mention "The Lorax" and of course, "The Sneetches".
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    No one has talked about the bombing in Spain.

    Hmmm, why have I not heard the word "Basque" used? Seems as likely a culprit as any. Oh yeah, that's right, we have to spread the word "Al-Qaeda" around first so that all the headline readers will remember that long after they stop reading any updates about the situation.
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    Fish. Barrel. Boom.

    Horrifyingly run of the mill. Sigh.
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    No kirpans in school, Quebec court rules

    I haven't read the entire thread so this idea has probably been mentioned already. I'll mention it again however just in case it hasn't been. What's wrong with wearing a symbolic kirpan? Like a pendant worn around the neck? It's the symbol that matters right? If the knife isn't meant to be...