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    Words in other languages

    Tvorchestvo means creation
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    Fri 13th: parkdale

    Aaaaa. creepy ice cream truck is back again
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    lava lamp lightbulbs

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    Clubs in Copenhangen & St. Petersburg

    In St. Petersburg check out club Griboyedov and club Magrib.
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    Anyone been to Panama?

    Im also going to Panama in August. I found a couple of interesting articles about it on lonelyplanet.com
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    Awesome! Thanks. This mascara is the shit
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    The "Where can I buy -?-" Thread

    Anyone know where I buy Max Factor mascara? Seems like no one is carrying it anymore.
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    my kitty has a cold!

    My cat had the same symptoms, he was sneezing and spraying snot. The vet told me he had a cold and prescribed antibiotics. It hepled for like 2 weeks but then my kitty got even sicker. Turns out he had FIV (Feline immunodeficiency virus). He was an indoor cat but was born with the virus, and...
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    best perfume

    Hypnotic poison is the shit. Can't wear anything else, I'm on like my 10th bottle
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    Russians turn off vodka smuggling pipeline

    Buholovo? Buahalavo is russian slang for alcohol
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    New fall TV shows that look interesting...

    Russian Ugly Betty
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    (Fake) Blood Stain Removal Solutions?

    Shaving cream usually removes fake blood.
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    my cat

    :( My cat died last week too :(
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    Anyone know if there will be washrooms there?
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    The at work at 7am on a Saturday morning thread!

    7 am til 8:30 pm. no weekend at all :(
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    Track ID

    I remember hearing this track in like 98-99. Vocals (male)- "Even though you broke my heart I love you still" started out slow, trancey, then went harder. Not the best description, but hopefully someone knows it :)
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    Night Watch - The movie that Underworld wasn't (outstanding Vampire flick)

    Romashka It's not a bad film, a bit heavy on cg though. The story is pretty good, but they had to cut the movie down to two hours, so alot is lost. Better to read the book first, so you get a better understanding of the story. The version that I have has really shitty English subtitles...
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    And the Oscar thread goes here...

    hot in a used car salesman sorta way (not that I find that hot or anything)
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    And the Oscar thread goes here...

    still hot tho
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    Who works in film?

    Grip/electric. Occasionally do props and random art department stuff.