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    RISE! lafleche & andy capp

    hey greg. like i said i have much respect for you and ruckus and give you both mad props. your both good dj's but you have to understand that I love music, im just very very picky with what i like to listen and dance to. be that as it may, im always dancin when your spinning. i was at the drink...
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    wow i didnt know so many peopel were coming down for this..... thats frequency for ya.....
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    RISE! lafleche & andy capp

    oh I dont think you are being rude I respect your opinion I just like to voice mine as well and have intelligent debates. haha spence. you rule. who did we see tongiht spence? oh right... greg benz...... who rocked the house? john e.
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    RISE! lafleche & andy capp

    so yes we differ in opinoin. i throughly enjoy "tribal/disco house thing", I am a houser, i like house music. Greg benz is good....if you like boring clubby trance anthems mixed poorly, but im sure he's a nice person.. much respect to him for getting as much play as he has. hes obviously...
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    RISE! lafleche & andy capp

    wow i have to say andy capp blew me away his track selection was great. mixing was on point! why doesnt this man get more play around london and elsewhere? a great house dj in my opinion. amir, you should book him more often. no offence but i think he is way better than greg benz what i saw...
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    Wintergalactic 2001

    ok..... now that... was a rave! all i want to know is.. who was the female house dj in the small 19+ room with the cool shirt?she was awesome!
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    Czech and Scaife @ RISE!

    haha told steve! anyways..... tainted love waht the best part of the night!!! wasnt bad if i do say so myself. you go to funshawe? me? hard to approach? nah.. just come say hey....
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    richie in london

    word up jamie!!
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    richie in london

    being one of the first few people throught the doors got us witnessing some crazy tracks coming from john aquaviva. after 3 tracks he stopped the music and said.. "ok... i know... just one more weird song i promise" john did not dissapoint... it was a sick set....... Richie hawtin. OH MY GOD...