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    2 Mamma Mia Tickets For Sale

    TWO MAMMA MIA Tickets available Monday, December 23rd, 2002 at 8:00 p.m. Orchestra Floor, Row C, Seats 18 & 19 Check out the link: The tickets are being sold on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1945573204 Merry Christmas
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    Turntables 4 Sale

    Tables are sold! Thanks for the interest.
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    Turntables 4 Sale

    Two Numark TT100 Direct Drive tables Cartridges Included Mint Condition, only had them for six months. Not used that often, $500 for the pair. (I paid substantially more when I bought them) Serious inquiries only please, need cash to pay off debts. Willing to negotiate...
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    Connected: booyaaaa bassssssss!!!!!!

    Right on QuenNeur. The promotors here in Toronto don't give a rats ass about the people attending there parties. It's all about more money in there pockets and providing a poor environment & services for the patrons. For example SoundClash. Money Money Money Money... Money! Over-Crowded? YES...
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    Sound Clash

    In all the parties I'v been to over the years, I must say that Sound Clash was the worst. I was disgusted! I will never go to an Empire party again and I'm contemplating never to party again. This party just goes to show what the scene here in Toronto is becoming. I found it degrading the way...
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    Hustlin' Beats @ Opera House

    Negatives: I must say that dancing room at this party pissed me off. Peeps were jamed in there like sardines in a sardine can. The only place I could bruk out was directly in front of the right speaker, which I don't mind except the fact that floor there was wet & slipery + people were going...
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    A Groove Oddessey - New Years Eve

    Big up Jungle*Baby Wikkid scratchin from Cap J to ring in the new year. Fat set from Kenny Ken & Fearless All the MC's were hype. Good job! for the lights being turned on during KK's set. Big League Chew finishing out the jungle room! Peace & Happy New Year to all the JUNGLISTS out...