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    biologik - clouded (all artist production)

    Hi Everyone, As per usual, here's my once a year mix of new stuff I've been working on. I'm actually working on an album and the first few tracks will probably be in it. I've also got every track I do now in a live PA set so be on the lookout for shows in NYC (and in TO when I go home if anyone...
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    biologik - once a year (producer showcase)

    Hi Everyone, Here's my yearly mix of mostly new tracks :) Hope you enjoy! A lot of great new tracks in the works right now. Looking at a whole EP with Opencloud for 2010 too! http://www.ericliberda.com/mp3/biologik_-_once_a_year(production_mix).mp3 01: biologik - midnight fires...
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    biologik - motion theory

    As per my usual habit, here's a mix of the tracks i've been working on this year (well, more like the past 6 months). Start off slow and picks up. www.ericliberda.com/mp3/biologik_-_motion_theory_mix_2008.mp3 Here's the t-list. All my own productions. bioloigik - midnight in brooklyn...
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    Timewriter - Soulstickers

    :eek: Freaking awesome! My personal fav track: Flicking Pages. Man, I love Timewriter! Wish he'd come to TO soon.. (and TLB jr!) Tracklist [01] Resetting the Clocks (Original Mix) 01:08 [02] Zero (Original Mix) 06:30 [03] Handsome Machine (Original Mix) 06:07 [04] Is this Life...
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    FS: MAM FB-383 (TB-303 Emulator, Hardware)

    Hi Guys, I'm sellin my MAM FB-383. It's a 1U hardware basic tb-303 emulator. It has basic midi input (ie. play legato to slide, abover specific velocity for accent etc..), it has an audio input, several OSCs to choose from, and imho sounds real nice. Askin 150 OBO/Trade REVIEW HERE...
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    Tiesto Interview

    This is so funny! I almost lost bladder control.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=el_LVfoDC-I Cheers, Eric
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    Moving Rental & TIPS! TO --> NYC

    Hi Guys, I know a couple people here have moved to/from Toronto and NYC. How did you do it? Can you give me some tips? We've got the boxes all labeled and contents listed. What companies should we be looking at? We're not taking too much stuff with us (enough for a 1 bed room apt) - Cube...
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    biologik - small solutions for a small planet [electronique/live pa]

    Happy new year everyone! Here's a 30min taste of _some_ of my latest work (except for one track). This is a live live pa of sorts.. hope you enjoy. As for the style.. i dunno, been listening to a lot of downtempo, trentemoller, timewriter.. so maybe that came out in my works...
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    iTunes cleanup???

    Hey guys, I move folders around a lot of and hance i have many "missing" files. Is there an easy way to remove them - i can only seem to do it mannualy. I know that there's a "double" checker thing, but even that's a fvcking pain in the ass! There must be some sorta function i'm...
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    LF: GRE Stuff

    Anyone have any GRE workbooks? Hit me up! biologik (a t) hotmail .dot. com or PM Cheers, Eric
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    Anyone have a BitMe invite? I'd appreciate it very much!! thanks :) Eric biologik a.t. hot mail dot com
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    Wedding Photographer

    Well, since I got so many replies from the wedding DJ post I figured i'd ask here! I'm not too fond of the wedding photographer my fiance wants, so I'm wondering if there are any tribers here that do professional wedding photo stuff. Is so, please PM or email me (eric DOT liberda AT GMAIL DOT...
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    Wedding DJ

    Anyone here a wedding DJ? Looking for someone who's a DJ and has all their own equipment.. no house/techno/dnb etc :) or.. any recomendations?technics1200 Cheers, Eric
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    New NI stuff

    Oh man, this looks goooooood!! http://www.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=newproducts_us&ftu=c762af7d84&flash=9 the kontrol 1 looks particularly interesting (asside from all the other software updates!!) e
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    Hey, I found this a little while ago and thought ppl here would like it. It's for Funki Porcini - Fast Asleep (ninja tunes). I Love 4it. This one is higher res: http://www.soulsurvivour.com/images/synths-highres.jpg This one looks better on the desktop...
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    17" Toyo Proxes rubber on Racing Hart Stainless Steel - $900obo

    4 X 17" Racing Hart Rims made of stainless steel (light and strong) with Toyo proxes wrapped around them. 4 Bolt pattern. Tires have less than 100 km on them. $900 OBO, don't lowball, this is a great deal on quality rims. THESE ARE NOT MY TIRES - DO NOT PM OR EMAIL ME. They're my...
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    Digweed - Transitions

    Any thought from the people who've heard it? I like it. Good flow and some great tracks. Mind you it's more techy/german influenced than i'd have liked. still good.. Cheers, Eric
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    Tiesto - ISOS - S&D

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    biologik - northern lights [just another live pa]

    Hi everyone, i've been really busy with a lot of things lately... i had big plans for this half live pa half mix, but i never got around to sending it out, so after 3 months of it sitting on my hard drive i thought i'd share it with all the people who so loved my first live pa. this mix...
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    Vocal FX & Tricks

    Hey guys, Post your vocal fx and tips! here's a few of my fav: 1) the reverse reverb. description: you know the effect.. they use it a lot in horror movies :P I know, it's pretty easy to do, but a lot of ppl don't know how to do it - and it sounds fantastic imo. how to do it...