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    Web Developers (Full Time) Spadina / Adelaide

    Company I work for is hiring. Great work environment. If you're a great developer with kung-gu OO JavaScript skill and ninja CSS capabilities ping me a private message. Projects include high traffic sites with multiple millions of daily uniques.
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    That Loon Sound Commercial from the 80's

    Anyone remember which commercial from the 80's had that loon sound in it. Was something like ducks unlimited or the canadian wildlife foundation. Been eating me for weeks. Thanks!
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    Scrybe Organizer

    Hoping that this isn't vaporwear. http://www.iscrybe.com/ I'm a big big fan of Microsoft's OneNote. One product that they really got right, the 2007 beta is especially good. Having been running parallels desktop just so that I have a lifeline open to OneNote. I'm hoping that this app...
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    gasper's Photography Exhibit - Nov24th

    Anyone else planning on checking out gasper's photogs on the 24th? Is there going to be free booze? What time's the best to show up? Haven't been to many art openings so I have no clue what protocol is. Hey gasper, you going to be selling prints?
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    trade some old boc with me

    i'm trying to complete my boards of canada collection and want to track down some of their older albums. all the pre hi scores stuff. I know that the following albums exist. Catalog 3 - Summer 1987 (Music70). Limited cassette release. Limited CD re-release in 1997. Acid Memories - 1989...
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    You don't make friends with Salad!

    The end of the summer wedding blitz is upon us and it's time to get some gifts. I'd like to get a couple of hand carved wooden salad bowls like this one: There are usually a few people at the One of a Kind show that sell them. Since there isn't a one of a kind show scheduled between...
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    Now that Radio Shack is gone....

    .... where should I go to buy the electronic crap that they used to sell? I'm looking for a 'ground-loop isolator' which the Source doesn't sell anymore. Think Active Surplus might have one? I never thought a day would come where I'd curse the demise of Radio Shack.
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    e-mu XL-1

    Selling an e-mu XL-1 and a edirol pc-70 midi controller keyboard. $400 OBO. I think I paid around 1300 new a couple of years ago. It's in good working order, no real cosmetic or function problems. Comes with rack ears. http://www.vintagesynth.com/index2.html
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    i'm buying an LCD tv... what should I know?

    Decided this weekend that the living room would look better if we got rid of the crt and got a flat panel. Don't want anything too big and overbearing, was thinking an LCD that's sub 30", most likely a 27" or 30" model. Anyone have any advice on brands to avoid, specifications to look out...
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    the black

    Lets say you really like the black and had long since lost all your connections to it, what would you do? How would you and the black rekindle your relationship? Can a person just walk around the streets asking for the black and expect to get any? you know that you're desperate for the black...
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    Midseason Tribe Fantasy Baseball League

    Anyone interested in getting in on a fantasy baseball league for the last half of the season? We've got until friday to get some teams together if we want participate in the Yahoo Live Draft. Takers?
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    2/3 br. apartment for rent ^ College & Ossington

    I'm leaving my apartment and thought I'd post the listing here in case anyone is looking for a big 2 / 3 br. apt in a good location. Available May 1st. $1650 inclusive. The details. ~1400 Square Feet ~1st floor of house ~Parking space for 4 or 5 cars ~jacuzzi tub ~big backyard with...
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    Tony Scott's Domino

    Has anyone seen the trailer for this? http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/dominoqt1.html Screenplay by Richard Kelly who directed & wrote Donnie Darko. Tony Scott's shaky camera work and cutting style can get distracting after a while. Still, I think that this has potential and am hoping for...
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    The RSS feed thread

    I'm tired of surfing, from now on the web comes to me. Recommend me some sites with good RSS feeds please. I'll start: www.plastic.com www.kuo5hin.org www.technologyreview.com www.bbc.co.uk www.slashdot.org
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    Pete Smith, Mike Schmidt, & Gary Maddux autographed ball

    Home run ball signed by the 3 of these guys. It's got real MLB dirt on it and everything. Make me an offer.
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    WTB: Budget Video Card

    Anyone have a spare video card lying around that they want to get rid of? I need something to throw into a Win2003 a server that I'll primarily be using remotely.
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    Oliver Spencer in Toronto?

    I came across a really great jacket in New York by some designer named Oliver Spence. I've googled high and low for a online store or shop in Toronto which carries his stuff and can't find anything. Last resort, Tribe. Can anyone help me find somewhere to buy Oliver Spencer around here?
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    I kiss you!!!!

    Does this guy actually think he's going to get a date?
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    magazine recommendations please.

    I'm after a magazine which fits the following criteria. 1. Long articles on interesting subjects. I want 10 pages not 10 paragraphs, 10,000 words not 100. Interesting to me includes, but isn't limited to, youth culture, design, politics, music, drugs, social revolution, interviews (the...
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    TV on the Radio

    I dare anyone else to put on a show that good in 2004.