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    LF: 2 Beirut Tickets

    Just found out about the show at The Phoenix on Thursday July 9th at 8PM and it's sold out. Boo-urns! If you know anyone who wants to get rid of a few tickets. Lemme know. Thanks, b$
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    Martha Stewrat X-mas (or what did you make for X-mas this year?)

    My beau made me this for my b-day! I have been crafting for months. Funked up some dollar store ciggie cases, made luggage tags, funked up candles, made some bracelets from old vinyl records. I love making my Christmas presents.
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    Scuba diving with whale sharks.

    Man, that sounds amazing. I am in the process of getting my PADI scuba certification right now. I have two more pool sessions to go to get my referral letter and then will be getting my open water certification in Mozambique this December. I am crazy excited. I hear the diving in Mozambique is...
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    Digitalism @ Mod Club

    No. But you did mess up my hair! It took me hours and hours to get it just so and then you come along and go to town on it... tsk tsk tsk.
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    Digitalism @ Mod Club

    He was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. It was 4am music at 10:30pm. I was LOVING It. I haven't been out in awhile and it made my night! YAY for dirty music early on in the night!
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    What'd ya get?!

    Thanks to DeepHouseGrl I picked up this awesome fall jacket and pair of red gloves a few weeks ago. I LOOOOOVE IT!
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    ~*...what is making you happy right now?...*~

    knowing that is t-minus 70 minutes i'll be chowing down on Gateways of India (if my tummy feels better that is!)
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    Nobody Cares...

    my tummy hurts. i haven't been on tribe in months but meh. i hurt.
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    Happy Birthday, DEEPHOUSEGRL!

    Happy Bitday Biatch! Can't believe it's been 5 years since we first c-ed down together at Rob's 'cottage'. Here's to more me and you times! Can't wait to shake some serious bootie at Champion tonight. Let's get eeeffed! Rock on sista!!! hugs, bmoney
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    FS: VFEST Tickets for September 8th and 9th

    This is for one full weekend ticket to: Virgin Festival Canada in Toronto Toronto Islands, Toronto Saturday September 8th and Sunday September 9th, 2007 I am selling both days for $130.00 - the early bird special price that I paid. Saturday Line-up includes: Bjork Interpol Arctic...
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    ~*...what is making you happy right now?...*~

    hey lady, i've got a 10 pass too! Which ones are you going to see?? Maybe we can meet up for some? b p.s. my new beau is making me happy right now!
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    Happy Birthday Spacebabe(77)

    happy birthday lady! hugs, b
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    happy b-day dick disco aka Mike D!

    Happy B-day Mike, Sorry I was a lame-o and couldn't make it out last night! Big birthday hugs! b
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    WANTED: Ticket for Peter, Bjorn and John

    anyone?? bueller?
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    WANTED: Ticket for Peter, Bjorn and John

    you can laugh all you want but i've already got a ticket. i am just trying to hook a friend up. well actually now there are two people in need of tickets.. so just incase you end up with a case of the twats and need to rid youself of a few tickets, you know where to find me. :D b
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    WANTED: Ticket for Peter, Bjorn and John

    Hey guys, My friend really wants to see the Peter, Bjorn and John show on May 6th at the Phoenix but the show is sold out. Anyone have an extra ticket??? PM me if you do! Thanks, b
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    The Pipettes. I'm going to see them tonight at the Rivoli. Should be fun!
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    how to find an old classmate or class photo?

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    ~*happy Birthday Bean!!*~

    HAPPY 30th Birthday Rady!!! Welcome to your dirty 30's!! You are an amazing person and I am sooo glad to have you in my life. Here's to more Island party shenanigans, dinner parties, game nights and prancing till it hurts! You can bring your bucket 'o baking over to my place anytime!:D...