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    Room Mate needed april 1st

    I have a great link on a two bedroom, two bath, indoor pool, sauna, squash courts, weight room, 30th floor, balcony over looking cityscape. $535/month each. Give me a call and we can talk details. Mike 647.688.3679
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    speakers and amps

    A friend of mine is taking off to India and needs to pay his rent. Hes selling some really nice gear really cheap. If anyone can help the cause send him an e-mail at robertburr@hotmail.com. Heres the list. QSC CX 404 amp, retails $1600, selling for $500 QSC CX 204Vamp, retails $1600...
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    gear for sale

    posting this for a friend STANTON S-650 MK2 $600 QSC CX 204 $700 QSC CX 404 $700 AMERICAN DJ DMX OPERATOR $ 200 AMERICAN DJ COLOR 150 DMX $ 150 PIONEER DJM 500 $ 600 SOUND DYNAMICS RTS 800 (two of them $300 each) JBL CONTROL 5 MONITOR SPK (two of them $300...
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    techno and turntablism?

    yay or nay? i've been messing around beat juggling with some techno, and its pretty fun. anyrecommendations for tracks that'd sound dope juggled up a bit? anyone tried it?
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    WTB: mini disc player

    if anyone's got a mini disc player that can record (do all mini disc players record?) from my mixer. i don't need anything crazy, just something i can use to bring with me when i play out so i can record from any mixer. PM me with a price if interested. thanks max
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    WTB> Ninja Stars

    Anyone know where I can get real ninja stars in Toronto? I've been to a few place, but all I can find are those lame ass rubber ones. I wanna use them for my dartboard. And maybe a few vigilante missions, so they gotta be sharp. Any ninja's out there that can help me out will be rewarded...
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    Fs> Rane Empath

    I have a Rane Empath for sale. 1 month old. looking to get 1500 for it. PM me if interested.
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    did anyone go see del?

    I didn't. how was it?
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    WTB:guitar effects pedals

    i want to buy some guitar distortion pedals to hook up to my mixer to add effects to skratching....... i need pedals specifically and not effects units as i'll need to be able to hit them quickly instead of pushing buttons and dials. i'd like to get a delay pedal and distortion, but i don't...
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    FS: vestax O7 pro

    i have a vestax O7 pro for sale, mint condition. sweet mixer but in the end i prefer rane's faders over vestax. looking for 650 obo. PM if interested
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    anyone know how to hook up tables to a computer?

    I don't know how to do it. I used to have them set up to it at my last place, but my old room mate set them up. Anyone?!?! Thanks!:)
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    I need some house

    but I have no clue what labels to look for, or what artists. I want funky, kinda harder, upbeat shit. More beats and baselines than anything. House loops even. I need turntablist friendly tracks, so I don't want songs per se, but just big bouncey house bombs. Can anyone point me in the...
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    room mate wanted Sept 1st

    I'm looking for a room mate for September 1st. I have an amazing house at College and Beverley, right by U of T. You'd be sharing the house with myself, and another guy, who's usually only around a little bit. The house has everything. A/C, washer and dryer, dishwasher, patio, and all three...
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    my cat need a new home

    My cat needs a new home. She's the best cat in the world, and I hate to get rid of her, but she's having a very hard time adjusting to living with another cat. If anyone's considering getting a cat, and wants an grown one, PM me. I'm sad that she has not been able to get used to it, but she...
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    apothecary sunday june 20

    if anyone's around apothecary this afternoon/this evening, drop in, they have 3.50 drinks and a rooftop patio playing breaks all night.
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    Entertainment center for sale

    I have an entertainment stand for sale OBO if anyone needs it.... Fits a 27 inch TV and DVD player and all that jazz. I also have a small kitchen table set and computer stand to throw in. All for the low low price of let's say fifty bucks OBO. Interesting trade ideas welcome. I can send...
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    Does anyone have contact info for booking Funhaus? I tried the number on the website, but its outta service. A name and number would be most appreciated. Can anyone PM the info if yu've got it? Thanks! Max
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    FS: Brand New Complete Skateboard

    I have a pretty much brand new Flip - Arto Saari, that was riden 3 times before the end of the season last year that I'd like to sell. I have another brand new complete at home, so that's why I'm selling. It has brand new indy trucks, Flip wheels, and Reds bearings. I'm looking to get $120...
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    Chicks with Decks

    just got back from the party...it was semi full but everybody was buggin' out hard!! All the dj.'s spun great sets, especially fucking annalyze & Miss. Michie. DOPE!! I look forward to more parties from Bottle Cap!! p.s.Happy Birthday Dave!! p.s.s. Nice to meet you Dorianne it was fun...
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    Favorite Cover Songs

    After having listened to the cover of Iron Maiden's "Number Of The Beast" from the Spun soundtrack for a few weekes now, I've decided that it's even better than the original. There's a few other covers out there that I've been all over lately, like the metal cover of Maddonna's "Music". I...