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    Wordpress ninjas with Thesis experience

    Tribers, Haven't reached out to the community in a while but I'm certain their are some folks on here that could help. Anyone doing freelance work developing Custom Wordpress sites? Hit me up. Ryan Thompson ryan@carchat24.ca
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    Wanted: Wordpress designer with Thesis experience

    ATTN tribers: I am looking for a Wordpress designer that has some advanced experience with Thesis. Looking to set up a custom blog that is devoted to the Canadian Auto Dealer industry. I'm located downtown and would actually rather work with someone who is free lance /self employed vs. BIG...
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    Vestax VCI-3000 ITCH SERATO

    I have this Itch sitting in my place for the last year or so and figured I should get rid of it. I have NEVER taken it out of my condo. I had though it would be great for mobile gigs but if I'm not playing at a bar (equipment is there) or at home (turntables) it is no good to me. Mint...
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    need a door person for tonight (college st bar)

    Tribe nation, This is super late notice but my door person just cancelled. I need door person for College Street Bar. $75.00 1030- 130 sat june.26th text ryan @647.402.6447
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    wordpress designer -seo expertise

    Hello, I do some consulting for some automtive dealerships across Canada. I'm pretty knowledgeable with wordpress but need some design/seo help. My clients are looking to develop some specific micro sites. If microsites/wordpress/seo is your passion let's connect. I'm located in...
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    $200 6 month old Ikea Couch

    Selling a couch for my girlfriend. We are moving in together and she literally parked her ass on this thing maybe 10 times. It is your classic Ikea $400 couch. Only 6 months old and letting it go for $200. I can send you pictures. email ryan@carchat24.ca or phone 647.402.6447
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    wordpress for SEO

    Hello, Anyone know if there are any courses or experts that will provide training to learn the ins and outs of Wordpress. I want to develop some microsites for potential clients and have a good understanding of SEO. email ryant@strathcom.com
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    Alex Skillings_Bubble Bath Sessions (noice)

    Here is a great mix by my dj partner in crime Alex Skillings. Something a little different (no buzzsaws or bleep bloops). Slower tempo but some candy to the ears. Check him out Bi-Weekly Fridays at "Extra Dry" @ College Street Bar Tracklist: 1) George Benson - Breezin' 2) Cantoma -...
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    Can anyone build a dj booth for a bar??

    I remember seeing someone on the board a while back that had built a custom dj booth. Bar I dj at on College street is looking for a permanent DJ booth. If you have the skills to do this send me a msg jazzybarfield@gmail.com thanks
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    Can anyone build a dj booth for a bar??

    I remember seeing someone on the board a while back that had built a custom dj booth. Bar I dj at on College street is looking for a permanent DJ booth. If you have the skills to do this send me a msg jazzybarfield@gmail.com thanks
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    Looking to rent shared office space

    I tried the working from home thing but productivity just wasn't there. If anyone is looking to rent out shared office space or knows any good resources please hit me up. Not in the downtown core as I will have to use my car to visit clients. ryant@strathcom.com Thanks, Ryan
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    Microsoft Outlook 2007 Email Autocomplete help!!

    Anyone know why every day my autocomplete gets cleared. If I type someones email in the morning then again at night it fills it in automatically. The next day BOOM!! it remembers no one! Any help is appreciated .......
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    Jazzy Barfield - Extra Dry Sessions - House

    It's been way too long since I recorded a mix. I wanted to put some nice house beats together that you would hear at my night at College Street Bar "Extra Dry". The last track "I can't remember anything" has been stuck in my head all week. Not really sure if it goes with the rest but it's been...
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    DJ Lay-Z summer 2008 House Mix

    Figured since i've been on this board for years, I'd finally contribute to the mix section which has been keeping my ipod busy for years. Recorded this last summer. Little change from the fidget/electro mixes that I've been playing/listening to Tracklist: 1. Everybody loves the Bongo –...
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    where to stay in ottawa for leafs game next weekend

    Have 2 tickets for the leafs in ottawa next sat. Anyone know if its worth staying downtown ottawa and commuting to the game or is there a party in Kanata where the rink is?
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    2 CDJ MKS in Road Ready Cases

    I hate to do this but I need to sell my babies. They have only been used in my apartment and are equipped with Roady Ready cases with removable drawer so you never have to take them out. Great deal compared to buying all this new. $2400. I live downtown so let me know if you want to...
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    WANTED: SMALL amp needed to power speakers in condo

    I have moved into a super small condo and my JBL EON 15's are goign to get me evicted. I have 2 little 150 watt yorkville speakers i'm looking to power my dj set up with. I don't need anything crazy just enough to play at a reasonable level at home. Ryan pm or call cell (647)402-6447...
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    2 pioneer CDJ MK3's in road ready cases

    I can't believe i'm selling these things but i have gear overload right now and want to get 1200's. These guys have been babied and only used in the house no parties or clubbing for these lads. In road ready cases which have the insert to put cd's in without taking them out of the case ...
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    Blackberry/Vista question

    I have windows Vista and have installed the Blackberry Desktop manager software on my computer. Anyone know how to disable it from appearing everytime i turn on my computer , it takes forever to close it. Thanks
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    Anybody on the board recruit for B2B outside sales reps

    I'm moving to the city in june after quitting my job and selling my house in the small town of Alliston (potatoes and honda plant). I have 5 years sales experience and am looking for an outside sales/territory rep position and don't want to slay the dragon of workopolis. I would rather deal...