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    Czech - On the Ragga Tip

    Czech just sent me a box of his new Ragga Breaks CD (it's very good!!!) for me to give out to whoever wants a copy. If you'd fancy a [free] copy, stop by Release Records (527 Yonge St) and ask for me. They are somewhat limited, so if you think you're gonna want one, don't wait too long. To...
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    Myagi - Make it Loud licensed to Donald Glaude's new CD!

    That's right... Money Shot's second release has just been licensed to Donald Glaude's new mix CD entitled "This is Me" forthcoming on Moist Music early April. Keep a lookout for it! Full tracklisting to follow... With the quality of tunes coming up on the label, this is likely the first of...
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    Breaks - Angus Robinson - The Money Shot vol. 2

    It's been a while since my last mix, so I felt it was high time I record another CD. It's a follow up to my last mix, featuring a healthy dose of tech funk with a side of party rockers. If you see me out, be sure to hit me up for a CD. I've also got the MP3 on my website. Here's a direct link to...
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    New Mix - The Money Shot vol. 2

    It's been a while since my last mix, so I felt it was high time I record another CD. It's a follow up to my last mix, featuring a healthy dose of tech funk with a side of party rockers. If you see me out, be sure to hit me up for a CD. I've also got the MP3 online in the mixes section of my...
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    Vote Now - BREAKSPOLL 2004!

    Well, it's about that time again. It's time to start the voting for this year's International Breakbeat Awards! This poll is NOT JUST FOR DJS - It's open for anyone and everyone, so even if you're remotely interested in Breaks, why not take 2 seconds and place your vote. Every year, we always...
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    If you're one of the 37 people who email or call me every week asking when the new FK1000 bootleg will come out (following up the White Stripes/Kaos remix ep), I'm pleased to announce that it has just arrived! It's on the wall here at Release, and it will be available on our website with next...
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    Out Soon - Circuit Breaker & Deckart - Supa!

    OUT SOON!!! Circuit Breaker & Deckart "Supa!" Side A - Original mix Side B - Infekto remix Money Shot Recordings - MONEY001 Available in fine record stores Oct 25, 2004 ABOUT THE LABEL Money Shot Recordings is a new label dedicated to putting the funk back into breaks...
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    The Beer Festival - Who's in??

    Every year it seems like there's more and more of the breakbeat crew out of the Festival of Beer (at Fort York). If you haven't been, you have to come! It's this weekend (come on saturday...) It's been the highlight of the summer for me for the past 3 years! so who's in? ...man...
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    last night a dj shaved my wife

    I remember a lot of people on tribe asking when this record will be availalbe. we have finally tracked down copies and it's in stock at release for all those who want it. cheers, -angus
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    Dirty Raver

    Check out the new video for: Acen 'Dirty Raver' (TCR) here: www.dirtyraver.co.uk kinda cool! :)
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    Canadian Breaks!

    Hey all. Just wanted to give you a heads up and let you know that this week on my radio show Futurized Radio I'm doing a 2 hour Canadian Breaks Showcase! 2 hours of non-stop kick ass Canadian Breaks comin atcha! For more info, check the Futurized Radio thread in the Internet Radio forum...
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    New Mix - THE MONEY SHOT

    Hey guys. I have just recorded a new CD. I'll giving out a ton of free copies, so if you see me out, hit me up for one. Of you can stop by Release Records and ask for me. Also, I've put the MP3 up on my website (link below). Feel free to download it! Angus Robinson - The Money Shot 1...
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    Attn: Canadian Breaks Labels/Producers

    I am now providing breakbeat 12" reviews for URB magazine and Klublife magazine. Any producers or labels who are interested in having record(s) reviewed by your's truly, please get in contact with me (angus@releaserecords.com). I need the material 3 months in advance. I am currently doing...
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    Breakspoll Nominations are in!

    Hey all, The Breakspoll nominations are in for this year's breakbeat awards. After counting thousands of votes from around the world, here are the top 5 vote-getters for each catagory: BEST DJ Adam Freeland Atomic Hooligan Freq Nasty Krafty Kuts Phantom Beats Plump DJ's...
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    1200's + Pioneer 500 + Cerwin Vega Speakers

    My friend Jeremy's moving to Australia and needs to unload some gear... Available now for sale: Two Technics 1200's. In perfect working order (lids are somewhat scratched and cracked, but still workable). Sold as a pair only with one Shure Whitelabel cartridge and one Stanton 680...
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    Hey guys. Just recorded a new mix called 'The Right Stuff'. I'll have CDs in a week and a half or so, but you can grab it online in MP3 format here. Tracklisting - The Right Stuff - Oct 2003 1. Steelzawheelz "P-Fonk" (CDR) 2. Planet Funk "Who Said (Stuck in the UK) (Moguai remix)"...
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    wewantyoursoul.com and freeland.fm

    if you have a few spare minutes, these sites are worth a visit. www.wewantyoursoul.com and www.freeland.fm - this site is pretty crazy... hard to navigate, but it's really fucking cool! enjoy :)
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    New mix for download

    Hiya peeps. Finally got my CD from a couple months ago online in MP3 format, so if you have yet to get a copy, feel free to download it. It's encoded in 192 kbps. 1. Plump DJs "Creepshow" (Finger Lickin) 2. Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM feat. MC Chickaboo "2 Freaks (unreleased dub mix)" (White...
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    URGENT - need sat or sun booking for Andrew Spence (aka dj slim)

    If anyone knows of an available booking on Saturday June 28 or Sunday June 29, Andrew Spence (aka DJ Slim) will be in town from Vancouver and is looking to hook up a gig. He was originally supposed to play at Bauhaus, but since the night has fallen through, he is left in toronto with no booking...
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    No More 3D Saturdays @ Bauhaus

    It is with great sadness that I announce the end of 3D Saturdays has come to a close. In operation for 5 weeks, we had a nice little night going on. Decent crowds each week, and everyone was enjoying themselves. So, last saturday (june 21) with Atomic Hooligan was our last show. I guess if...