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    FS: Echo 2004 hatchback

    2004 ECHO, MANUAL 5 speed, 2 Door Hatchback, White Exterior, Grey Interior, Bucket Seats, Remote alarm, A/C, CD, Dealership maintenance up to date, Driver & Passenger Air Bags. A set of 4 winter tires. Around 56,000 km. Vancouver car. Certified and emission tested. Call after 6pm or email...
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    Electric Bass for sell

    Bass for sell. Bought from Long and macquade. Solid body, some minor scratches. Work fine. Selling for $100. Local pick up at markham or scarborough area. call 647-274-9767 or email tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    15" Acer LCD monitor for sell

    Acer 15" LCD monitor, 1 year old and rarely used. Comes with menu and installation cd but no box. Asking for $80. Work perfectly. Minor scratches on the top left but you won't notice it. Local pick up at Markham or Scarborough area. Call 647-274-9767 or email tyronloo@hotmail.com.
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    Traynor Custom Valve 50 Watt Blue Limited Edition Amp for sell.

    Traynor Custom Valve 50 Watt Blue Limited Edition Amp. Bought from Long & MAcquade, 1.5 yrs old, rarely use. This amp is limited edition for celebrating the anniversary of Traynor. In excellendt condition, with original box, manual, and switch box. Long & Macquade is selling $770 plus tax now...
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    FS: Ikea desk, Toshiba VCR and DVD player

    Ikea desk $50 Can be disassembled for easy transportation Good condition (some wear on the top surface) Dimensions (inches): 51 (W) x 29.5 (D) x 30 (H) Toshiba M625 VCR 4 head Hi-Fi Stero $20 Toshiba SD 1200 DVD player with dolby digital $ 25 email...
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    Club Monaco Shirts, Ecko shiet

    Size M for both, $5 each Size L for Ecko, $5 pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Buffalo Jacket

    Size L, Black, $15 pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Gap wool sweater, Tommy Hilfiger wool sweater

    Gap, size M, $10 Tommy Hifiger size L, $20 pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Vinatge Suede Brown Blazer

    The size is between S - M, closer to M, slim fit. $20 pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Vintage Worker shiirt, AE

    Black, size XL $8 White AE, size XXL $2 pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Zoo York Shirt

    White, Size L, $10 Black, Size L, $12 pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Camoflage Pant, Brotherhood, Size 34Wx33L

    Bought from Japan.$15. pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com.
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    Nike Water Proof Jacket

    Size L. Navy blue. $8. Used. Pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Gap blazer Black

    Size M. $10 Bought from Montreal Gap. Pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    West 49 Jacket

    Size L. Green Color. $9.99 Pls contact tyronloo@homail.com
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    New with tag BEAR snowbording Jacket

    This is a brand new Snowbording Jacket by Bear. New with tag. Size L. $29.99. Pls contact tyronloo@gmail.com
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    Chemistry tee, LRG tee

    Chemistry Tee, bought from Japan, size M $5 LRG Tee, size L $10 Pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Levis 3D Jeans 32Wx32L, Zara vintage Jean 36Wx33L

    A pair of Levis Engineer Jeans $5, Zara Jeans $5 Pls contact tyronloo@hotmail.com
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    Les Paul Style Gold Top for sell

    Bought this guitar from Steve Music Store. Made by Bararcuda. Solid heavy body, but you can see some paint jobs are cracking. You can see from the picture. Missing one string. Both pickups work perfectly. Selling for $60. Excellent price for a project guitar. Please contact...
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    Adidas Adicolor Goffy W4 for sell Size US 10.5

    Here is a pair of 100% authenic Adicolor StanS 11 White 4. It comes with 6 different color pens for you to customize your unique pair of GOOFY stan smith!! As you know this pair of shoes are limited edition, which means you cannot find it in footlocker or champs! Bought this pair of shoe...