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    Wanted: 2-4 Tix for Deep Ancestry: Inside the Genographic Project

    Slept on this, now its sold out aside from obstructed views. @ Roy Thompson Hall on Jan 23rd. Willing to pay a fair price.
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    Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera, 18-55mm VR Lens, Bag, 4GB Card

    I bought a new Canon T3i for a trip I went on first week of September...but forgot it at home :eek:. So I picked up another camera while I was away and used it for the week. Now I need to sell it. Its a Nikon D3100 with an AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm VR Lens Kit, camera shoulder bag that will fit...
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    Fs: Reggae Vinyl

    I have about 150 records listed below, id like to get rid of them in one shot. I also have 30-50 albums that are not included below, but ill include them if someone buys the lot at $350. AFRO RICAN - I CAN DO THAT / JUST LET IT GO AMBLIQUE - COMING HOME ANGIE ANGEL - WATCH & PRAY ANTHONY...
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    Pietra Serena Italian Limestone Wall / Floor Tiles

    I have a pallet of Italian limestone tiles that were purchased from Ciot Habitat. They are $18.95ea and the total bill was $3181.71. I have them on Kijiji for $2000, but ill do $1500. There are 292 square feet of tile available (146 pieces of 12"x24" tiles). The pictures don't do the tile...
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    FS: 2 x First Row Lady Gaga Tickets for July 11/10

    My girl got these but we cant make it tonight. Theyre first row section 309, which is just to the left of the stage. Face value is $185.50 + ticketmaster fees was just over $400, shed let them go for $400 flat.
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    FS: Reggae Vinyl

    Here is a list of reggae vinyl im selling. $5 each or $3.00 if you want 10 or more. Afro Rican - I Can Do That / Just Let It Go Amblique - Coming Home Angie Angel - Watch & Pray Anthony Johnson - Gunshot Rock Anthony Red Rose - Gangster Antony Malvo, Red Rose & Bounty Killer - Guns &...
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    FS: a couple record cases

    #1 Odyssey Metal Flight Case - It has a few scratches on it, but otherwise in excellent condition $120 new, asking $60 #2 UDJ Slingbag Trolley Deluxe Fight Case - Comes with the CD cases, shoulder strap, inner padding and I had a custom metal insert fabricated for extra...
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    FS: Dell 12.1" Laptop XPS M1210

    I bought this laptop about 2 years ago from Dell, I've almost never used it besides as a DVD player at my place. I paid $1879.86 I'm asking $450 - XPS M1210 Intel Core 2 Duo T5600 (1.83ghz / 667mhz / 2mb) - Vista Premium - 2 GB ddr2, 677mhz 2 dimm - 85whr 9-cell lithium ion battery - 8x...
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    FS: Old Ragga-Jungle Records

    24 Karat Records 005 - Cutty Ranks - Dark Justice - $14.99 After Dark 017 - All Night / Just Juice - $9.99 Aim 2 Pleez 003 - Jungle Warrior EP - $14.99 Aim 2 Pleez 004 - Dibby Dj / Jungle Pressure - $19.99 Assasin 002 - RAW - Satisfied - $29.99 Assasin 003R - RAW - Gal a Fuss /...
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    FS: 2005 Cervelo P3 Time Trial Bike

    The Cervelo P3 is the most successful (and most copied) TT/Tri bike in history. It still is the reference for the bike industry. It has the following components: - Aluminum frame - Carbon fibre forks - Carbon fibre seat post - fi'zi:k Arione seat - FSA carbon cranks - Syntace aerobars - Velomax...
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    FS: Yamaha RX-V657 7.1 Digital Surround Receiver & DVD Player

    Ive had this receiver and dvd player in my closet for the last couple years. It was plugged in but never used. Comes with all original manuals, remotes, cables etc. This retailed for just under $750 incl taxes. I also have for sale, the matching DVD player which was $199 retail. Ill sell them as...
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    LF: AT&T Sim Card

    I need an AT&T sim card asap. I'd drive to the states, but I dont get my passport until Tuesday. Anyone??
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    New Website: www.DjDebaser.com

    After spending much of the last 5 years on tour, I've been gearing up and getting Press Up, Jungle Royale and New Lick all back up and running this summer. To kick things off we've just launched a new website: www.djdebaser.com (www.jungleroyale.com is under construction as well)...
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    LF: Record Mailers!!!!

    I NEED to get a hold of record mailers. My regular supplier just shut down and I'm having a hell of a time trying to find some. This is what I need: HELP!
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    The "Where can I find this" Christmas Gift Thread

    Can't find a certain something for that special someone for Christmas this year? Maybe someone can help you out. I'm looking for a metal mannequin similar to this:
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    Weird MSN Messenger login problem

    Im unable to log into messenger at home on either my desktop or laptop, but im able to use that same account at work. This just started happening a few days ago. Ive even tried reinstalling it and putting on a different version, and i just tried web messenger and that doesnt work here either...
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    Adventures Abroad!

    #1) Getting Strip Searched: This is part of a tour journal I kept while I was away, it was not funny at the time but it turned out to be a great story. ----- Chapter 5.5: Do I look Arab to you? Charles De Gaulle Airport Paris, France April 2, 2007 We wait in line at El-Al airlines...
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    Need picture of a crown ASAP!

    Ive been looking everywhere for a picture of a crown, and have come up empty handed after an exhaustive search. Im looking at something along the lines of this: Anyone out there that knows a spot?
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    Wireless Network Help

    I just set up a wireless network to share files & an internet connection between a desktop (winxp) and laptop (vista). The desktop is plugged into the router, and the laptop is wireless. Both are getting an internet connection, but I cant see the desktop in the network folder from the laptop...
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    LF: 10" Vinyl Flight Case

    I need to get a record flight case that fits 10" dubs, a quick search of the internet came up with nothing and an email to UDJ Gear was never returned. Im looking for something rugged and for ease of travel, something along the lines of This