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    Sneakin' and Freakin'?

    A letter from Sneak: There is no way for me to truly explain how upset I am that I missed the party on Saturday night, but I can explain what happened and how hard I tried to be there with all of you. I flew to NYC on Friday night to play what I thought would be a quick, get in/get out...
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    For All you Romboy+Huntemann+Bodzin Lovers!!

    Bodzin is here in To after 4 years of waiting. The superproducer for Huntemann+Romboy and Schumacher is set to play Aug 28th!!!
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    Mathias Kaden!!!! Troy Pierce M_nus vs. Vakant

    THe Man is finally in Toronto this Saturday@ Footwork April 3rd. See all you kaden Lovers. There. He absolutely destroued WMC!!!!
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    Greg Gow gets props from Derrick May

    Nice...props to GOW
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    Adam Beyer Returns

    the Drumcode techno master will be at MOD Sept 25th. Finally a great venue for him..
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    SpeedyJ - 2009 Edition

    What an epic night. Speedy absolutely loved the party and has given me his word he will return. The place was going off the whole time I can remember...after 4am I cant remember much...lol What a night. Once again its you guys the partiers that make the difference and bring the...
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    Speedy J. Day

    people get there early. Last time it was mayhem at the door right around 12:30. C You all there :)
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    The TIFF 2009 Thread!

    Hey Folks its not part of Tiff but here is a movie Playing during T.I.F.F about electronic Music :) We will be screening the Movie Berlin Calling again this year. Last years screening sold out so we will have a single Screening this year at The Royal at 9pm on Saturday the 12th...
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    Speedy J. Day

    Its time for some of you techno room peeps to get a beating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IzShbCR9MYA Platforms absolute favorite artist Speedy J is in Town for Labour day. Bring the fucking techno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Johnny D

    Hey guys That was quite a fun party. Lots of energy and a great crowd. Johnny really liked the show, the people and the club and wants to come back to canada. He had a blast. He was originally only supposed to play one hour and 15 minutes but decided later on in his set that he wanted...
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    Johnny D. Techno or House

    i listened to that ibiza voice...very nice mix and it really starts picking up near the half mark
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    Johnny D. Techno or House

    this is lol
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    Johnny D. Techno or House

    So what is this guy.... Is it techno or House. Im gonna say techno but the househead love this guy..should be fun to see him Aug 1st at Footy.
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    Where's the Radio Slave review?

    Party was dope....ended up being a little too packed for my likeing but Matt ended up playing 3 hours of his signature tech house bangers....lotsa of new and smilling faces,,,,Radioslave seem to have quite a broad crowd base. then the party moved to my studio with RadioSlave Vs. Jesse Rose...
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    lol... i wish chipolte was there.
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    Has anyone ever tried to fly standby?

    ya the landing fee's do Suck...but they cover the costs of this monstrosity of a terminal and our inflated wages....trust me I aswell would like them dropped because I fly too and gotta pay them aswell.
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    Has anyone ever tried to fly standby?

    stand bye no longer exists. If you come to the airport and try to get on a flight for cheap it will onlly cost you more than booking advance...no saving... if you are a passenger that would like to fly on an earlier flight then you can apply as Stanbye/"Con" but thats only reallly a...
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    Matthew Dear

    ADD, PLATFORM AND AFE would like to thank everyone for coming out. Another Stellar night!!!!!! Mathew Dear is da MAN!!!!!
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    what......no mull/beyer review??!?

    Beyer and Mull destroyed the place..... thats all I will say :) Pics to follow....