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    FS - Video Ipod 80 Gb + Accesories

    i am selling an 80 gig black video ipod, which is the 6th generation and its black. i bought it brand new in january and have never had a problem with it. in fact, its never even frozen on me!! it has scratches from everyday use and wear and tear but still works awesomely! it comes with...
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    100 Records for Sale!!!

    mostly progressive... 100 records for $200 (firm)!! lazysacha@gmail.com Sasha EP - Xpander/Belfunk/Rabbitweed/Baja - Deconstrucion Greed - Strange World [Van Bellen/Greed mixes] - White Lable Bent - Swollen [Francois K vocal/dubDusted vocal mixes] -MOS Heller & Farley - The Rising...
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    LF - 2 Tickets for Peter, Bjorn & John

    looking for 2 tickets for this event. email lazysacha@gmail.com thanks
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    I am the thread ender!

    moist towellette
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    I am the thread ender!

    ive come to close this thread once and for all.
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    Nobody cares...

    rent a goalie is my new favourite show. i cant believe how funny it is...AND ITS CANADIAN!
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    Nobody cares...

    work was dead tonight. yay for dead days!
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    Porter House! March 2! TIL

    i just might hit this up ONLY because PORTER ALWAYS ROCKS THE HOOSE!
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    Chab at Sonic

    yeah im totally interested in seeing Chab! see ya there! :D
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    ::: snowboarding 2006/2007 :::

    was at blue friday and yesterday. friday was typical blue conditions...ICE! yesterday however, had quite a bit of power which was awesome. though the -30 degree weather wasnt so fun!
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    ---happy birthday olive oyl!!!---

    happy birthday Veronica!!!! :D
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    Nobody cares...

    i dont have a computer anymore - so im rarely online :p
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    Nobody cares...

    im 192 pounds! i ahvent been this light since the 90's!
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    What the hell are you listening to?

    i forgot how wicked this cd is!