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    Boxing Day Parties

    My favorite thing about Boxing Day is that there is always a kick-ass breaks party. I don't seem to see anything in the Upcoming Events forum though. Are there any Boxing Day parties this year (Please say yes)?
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    What's fun on a Thursday night?

    Normally I can't go out on a Thursday night because of work but I've got tomorrow off. What's there to do on a thursday night? I'd really like to go somewhere that's cheap, has good tunes and enough peeps to fill the dance floor. Any suggestions?
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    Flow at Liquids on a friday?

    Has anyone ever been to Liquids on a friday night for the poundhouse events? Is it any good? What's the space like? I've always wanted to check it out but never have for some reason and tonight I'm looking for something cheap to do. If FLOW sucks and you know of any other good/cheap...
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    Junior Sanchez @ System

    well, i would have a review of junior sanchez if i had ever gotten in to system last night. instead, i'd like to offer a review of the events outside the club ... my friends and i got there around 11:30 thinking it was nice and early and since we had guestlist would get in swiftly. as we got...
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    DJ Monkey's Funky Jam

    After the boxing day battle i was totally looking forward to this night and was expecting a full night of breaks. However, i probally heard as much (if not more) house than breaks. At the begining of the night i was too busy socializing and buying drinks to pay much attention to the music, i...