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    Official Announcement From System Soundbar

    Well as most of you have heard by now, System Soundbar is shutting its doors just short of seven years on December 31st 2005. It has been an amazing ride. I’ve gotten a couple of calls asking why the club has not made an official announcement about the closure yet, well that was made for...
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    freq nasty ?

    11:00 - Midnight - Red Turtle Midnight - 1:30 - Lee combs 1:30 - 3:30 - Freq Nasty 3:30 - close -D-Monic
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    John Digweed @ System Soundbar

    EARLY BIRD TICKETS 1-100: $20 ADVANCE TICKETS $25 Available at Play De Record, NUMB, 2 The Beat, Zoam, and System Soundbar
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    John Digweed @ System Soundbar

    Tkts will be available at all stores Friday night... can be picked up at System also... only daytime hours are tuesday from 11:30 am to 8:00pm... we are open every night (other than tuesday & Sunday) from 8:30 pm till at least 3:00am
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    Danny Howells april 22nd at system soundbar !!!

    Main Room.... 11:00 - 7:00
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    March 15 - System Soundbar 6 Year - FREE Event w/ DONALD GLAUDE

    No later than 4:00 am.... it is a school night after all.
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    March 15 - System Soundbar 6 Year - FREE Event w/ DONALD GLAUDE

    Cover is free all night, door prizes till 12:00, donald goes on at 12:30
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    Let's get Hyper! Feb. 25th

    set-times 11 – 12:30 Lee Ozborne 12:30 – 1:30 Isaac S 1:30 – 3:30 DJ Hyper 3:30 – 5:30 Evil P & Myka 5:30 – close Zach Jarvis
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    *** Mark Farina @ System Feb 18th ***

    Mark is playing from 1:00 till 5:00
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    *** Mark Farina @ System Feb 18th ***

    Sorry, no advance tkts.... doors open at 10:00.
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    Loaded - Feb.12

    B4 11:30 cover is actually $20, and if you get on the reduced list it will drop down to $15.... also you can always just wear RED and then you will be $15 all night.
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    Blue 8 Year ~ Preach/Carola

    main room ian g 11 - 12:30 preach 12:30 - 2 am marco carola 2 -5am gow 5 - close
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    Misstress Barbara @ system Nov 12

    Re: Excited Guest List confirmation emails are not sent out. If you emailed us @ guestlist@systemsoundbar.com with the proper info you'll be added on guestlist for sure!
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    Beastie Boys

    Mix Master Mike Yeah the whole thing is kinda sketchy.... we were told that he was sick therefore he wouldn't be doing any of the after parties, but that he would be on tour and would still be doing the concerts. Rumors are he did not get permission from the BB to do the afterparties, and was...
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    Dimitri von Paris and Lil Louie Vega

    Dimitri first then LLV. Louie will close out the nght. We'll close when the music stops usually between 7:00 and 8:00am
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    QBERT WED. AUGUST 11th - System

    He has asked us for a one hour set
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    lil lous vega at system jun 5!!!

    Date has been rescheduled For Sept 18th 2004.... see you then.
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    lil lous vega at system jun 5!!!

    LiL LOUIE CANCELLED Unfortunately we've just been notifyed that The Louie Vega show will not be happening any longer, he has cancelled the gig for personal reasons. Anyone who has already purchased a ticket pls come by the club for a refund. We will let you know A.S.A.P when the date will be...
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    Steve Lawler June 4th System!!!

    Evite http://www.systemsoundbar.com/evite/lawler/index.html
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    Sorry guys, there was a mixup.... tkts are now in stiores.... Orin