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    Numba 3 Cube Van - Bigger and better than ever!

    The truth: Things Change. We are older. We have had babies. We have gray hair or less of it. We have bought condos. We don't go out to clubs all the time any more. We don't get naked any more (ok only one of us really ever did). Some Things Never Change. The love of all things 3. Beer is good...
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    The Sound From under the Black Kid's Desk

    Monday, September 12 12:00 AM ET Creative Unveils 1.5 Surround Sound Speaker System By Dan Hines Tokyo , Japan - Creative unveiled plans for its newest development in sound technologies, aimed at the "rap and dance music enthusiast." Creative spokesperson, Brian Souder said, "We found...
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    Ultimate Pickup on Tuesdays after work

    B&B bring's 'em out on Tuesday's to Trinity Bellwoods. Come one come all for a great time to run around and toss the disc. Be there between 6 and 7.
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    Deciding who gets what room

    What should the rules be? When deciding who gets what room when you move into a new apartment and the rooms are the same size. How do you decide who gets which room?
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    So was there an elephant flying in my Parent's Basemant last night?

    I woke up this morning with the WORST feeling, like a ton of shit dropped on my head and I'm suffocating at the bottom of the heap. It's moving day, and yes I like everyone else I know hates moving, it's just me and my sister doing it, and it's above a restaurant so we have to stop over the...
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    The Balcony

    So here it is, after (help me people, the fog of time and too many e's) Halloween? We had a Super Sunday at 565 Sherbourne where I lived with Red Lion et al. on the 18th floor. The bathroom had been busy for over 45 minutes, and I couldn't hold it any more, it was one of those e shits that I...
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    Letting go... . . . . . . . .

    Ever wonder why we can't let some things go, weither it is a teddy bear, picture, friendship, or joke even though it has long since died, why do you feel the need to revisit these emotional attachments? What drives humanity to cling to the past? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?