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    Hezbollah Seizes Beirut

    Basic facts at this time: - Gun battles have been raging in Beirut (and reportedly in other major cities) for three days - Hezbollah fighters clashing with pro-government militias loyal (I think) to Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and Saad Al-Hariri (leader of the majority party and son of...
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    Virgin Hunting: French Invent New Sport

    French couple who 'hunted virgins' on trial for seven murders CHARLEVILLE-MEZIERES, France (AFP) — French serial killer Michel Fourniret, who has confessed to going "virgin hunting" with his wife, goes on trial here Thursday for the murder of seven young women and girls. Fourniret, 65...
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    TOI BAR Fri.Feb.15.08: Zuzana Grimm & The International Bitch. Fukhouse Compressed

    Anybody who hasn't done the Fukhouse Compress shit at TOI Bar needs to fucking get their shit TOGETHER! Honestly, it's THE most consistent jump-off'ingest shit there is. Tonight Toronto's already unbeleivable techno scene was smacked in the ass by Zuzana Grimm and The International Bitch. I...
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    Most Wanted Terrorist Imad Mugniyeh Dies in Damascus Car Blast

    Source: New York Times Top Hezbollah Operative Is Killed in Syria By NADA BAKRI and GRAHAM BOWLEY Published: February 14, 2008 BEIRUT, Lebanon — A senior Hezbollah military commander, who was one of America’s most wanted men for his alleged links to a string of bombings, hijackings and...
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    LF: 1998 Citrus @ Science Center Party Flyer

    We had some people over, wine was spilled, roomate/friend's flyer got bruck, and I want to surprise him with a new one for Xmas.
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    UK Changes Strategy in Afghanistan, Focuses on Coopting Tabliban Officers

    Britain sees role for Taliban in Afghanistan DOUG SAUNDERS From Thursday's Globe and Mail December 13, 2007 at 4:18 AM EST LONDON — Britain will support deals with Taliban insurgents to give them places in Afghanistan's new government and military, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown...
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    $85,000 Cellphone Bill!

    And you thought YOUR bill was huge! Cellphone user rings up $85,000 bill CATHERINE MCLEAN Globe and Mail Update December 12, 2007 at 10:36 PM EST There are many things $85,000 can buy: a sleek Porsche sports car, a four-week dream vacation on Sir Richard Branson's private Caribbean...
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    Cat Food: The Feline Nutrition Thread

    A couple of nights ago, I spent hours researching this, because I was tired of not knowing what brands I could trust. Dry food is terrible for cats They are carnivores and should be eating an all-meat diet. Most importantly, the majority of cats don't really drink water from a bowl, so...
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    Oh hi! It's the Saturday Thread!

    Even though it's still Friday night for some people! :cool: What are you up to, Tribe?
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    What's up?: The IAF Incident In Syria

    Last week, there was an "incident" involving Israeli warplanes over Northern Syria. Initially, the reports indicated an airspace violation, the dropping of fuel tanks on the Turkish side of the border, and possible jettisoning of munitions on Syrian territory. Both sides have maintained a very...
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    The Price of Drugs...

    From The Economist: High Prices "THE costliest place in the world to get high is Japan, according to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime's annual World Drug Report. The street price of a gram of cannabis weed was $58.30 in 2005, over twice as much as in the next most expensive...
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    US Law Would Force Full Disclosure of Payments to Doctors By Pharmaceutical Corps

    From the New York Times Senators Seek Public Listing of Payments to Doctors By GARDINER HARRIS Published: September 7, 2007 WASHINGTON, Sept. 6 — Makers of drugs and medical devices would be required to report publicly nearly all payments and gifts to doctors under legislation...
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    The Military Affairs Thread

    Long overdue, this thread is for discussing all things military, but hopefully not to debate the social/political merits of particular conflicts, because those deserve their own threads for exhaustive discussion. Discussion of conflicts should be limited to the military dimension. At the same...
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    US to Label Iranian Revolutionary Guards a Terrorist Organization

    From the Ney York Times I've abridged the article. By HELENE COOPER Published: August 15, 2007 WASHINGTON, Aug. 14 — The Bush administration is preparing to declare that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps is a foreign terrorist organization, senior administration officials said Tuesday...
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    Impressive Tech Pieces You Wish You Could Post in the Thursday Bragging Thread

    Mine: Panasonic Toughbook Y5 Business-Rugged laptop. Full Magnesium Alloy Case Shock-mounted HDD 3.7 lbs. Lightweight, Ultra-thin Design The Sony Ericsson W950i
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    A Graceful End to Cheap Oil

    This is extremely interesting! www.permatopia.com/levels.html Local, bio-regional, global solutions for adjusting to the (theorized) coming peak-oil crisis. On their site, there is a big table that relates to all those graphics. It contains recommendations and principles for a...
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    Russian Oil Giant Gazprom Authorized to Create Private Army!

    A majority of 341 deputies of the Russian parliament passed a bill Friday authorizing the company to establish an autonomous military force to guard Gazprom’s oil and gas fields and pipeline network. DEBKAfile adds: President Vladimir Putin, who uses the company as a key tool of Kremlin...
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    Ravi Devgan Finally Convicted of Fraud and Assault!

    This piece of shit--who fleeced my family for over $20,000--finally got convicted criminally for something. He's gotten away with SO MUCH even after having his medical license revoked. People are saying "justice is done" but the detectives told me a conviction is fairly meaningless without a...
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    The Two Palestines: Is The West Creating a North Korea out of Hamas-Controlled Gaza?

    It's amazing how quickly things are moving in the West Bank vis-a-vis Western economic isolation, Israeli restrictions, and the diplomatic front. The West--and some powerful Arab countries--are hurrying not only to buttress Mahmoud Abbas, but also to redefine his leadership profile altogether...
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    The Strategic Bridge Bombing Campaign in Iraq

    It was interesting before, but now it's escalating to the point where it's obvious that insurgents have a broader strategy in mind. The only question: What is it? (Oh yeah, and the US has been arming Sunni militias to combar Al-Quaeda In Iraq elements...)...