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  1. K

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    that pic is a high school kid hucking off a 70 ft cliff. he landed it too. pretty sure that's from G.N.A.R day at RMR so there was all sorts of crazy shit going down. two dudes were seen skiing naked on tandem skis (two sets of bindings on a pair of skis), and i hear they were shredding it...
  2. K

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    30 cms in the last 12 hrs at RMR, currently dumping 5cm/hr and is supposed to continue all week. we've got over 90cm base already, which is the deepest in western canada. still 3 more weeks to go until opening day, tho at this rate they'd be silly not to open early. CAN'T. WAIT. :D
  3. K

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    YEAH BUDDY. RMR starting to shape up nicely.
  4. K

    [[...might as well face it you're addikted to snow 2011/2012...]]

    learning to ski is 100x easier than learning to snowboard. i switched to skiing last year and fell as many times in 30+ days at the hill as i would have in one day learning to snowboard. and that was at RMR which is pretty much the shittiest place ever to learn how to ski (one green...
  5. K

    Help. I just can't take garlic stank BO anymore.

    when i was spending time in cadaver labs for an anatomy class, i put a drop of peppermint essential oil under each nostril to curb the formaldehyde smell. it worked really well.
  6. K

    DJ Ghaleon - A Special Dedication.... - Oldschool Jungle 94-95

    this set! amazing is what it is. thanks so much for making it and posting it, i'm going to listen the shit out of it. <3
  7. K

    Metal detecting in Toronto

    GOAT is actually the 2nd best team in canada right meow. they narrowly missed being the canadian champs in a super close game against furious george just a few weeks ago.
  8. K

    Shoes that look like feet

    those aren't shoes, that's paint. unless they glued foot hair to the shoes. they don't have dress ones for realsies do they? vibram 5 fingers are really creepy tho.
  9. K

    The Mom Thread

    holy shit you guys. congrats!!
  10. K

    The Mom Thread

    sending much love to you and kevin and your little nugget, mcbee!! thinking of you guys lots through all of this.
  11. K

    Home Beautification and Home Renovation

    nope, go fish. anyone have a recommendation for good painters that could take care of a house interior in scarborough?
  12. K

    The eternal MMA thread

    Leben wasn't supposed to be on the card but he replaced Wanderlei Silva last minute. anyway, sorry for the rest of you but i for one think it's hilarious and f'n awesome Lesnar won and got submission of the night out of it. lol. love him. Soszynski vs. Bonnar had shades of Bonnar vs. Griffin...
  13. K

    A brand brand new picture thread. (with pics)

    nice Kife!! you captured the vastness beautifully. how was the trip/riding?? i would love love love to go back someday. we should all rent an RV and make another pilgrimage.
  14. K

    The Mom Thread

    ahmagad cri, she's such a doll! way to go! hope you guys are all doing well. xo
  15. K

    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    ah sorry can't help, it was a detour on my RV trip from Seattle to Denver.
  16. K

    Acid Reflux and Stress

    I've had a lot of success treating clients who have GERD/acid reflux symptoms using Visceral Manipulation. Visceral Manipulation they have a list of practitioners on the website (follow the link on the left). ideally try to find someone with at least 2-3 levels of training. highly recommended.
  17. K

    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    be prepared for the weather to turn tho, it cooled off a TON once it started to rain a bit. it shouldn't be too bad, you'll be having too much fun to notice.
  18. K

    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    ahh i hear that is an EPIC route. you're going to fall so in love with the place. ya be sure to stop in to talk to the locals before heading out. you might want to consider some super early morning starts just to avoid the blazing heat mid day. we went the 3rd week in april and i totally heat...
  19. K

    For the Cyclists in Tribeland.

    fuck yeah! just got back from Moab a few weeks ago. sadly i only had 2 days there and spent only one day biking (did canyoneering the other day), but it was the greatest day of mountain biking of my life!! so, so, so fun. i did the slickrock trail. what routes are you planning to hit up? a...
  20. K

    The Mom Thread

    ahmagad!! :D:D yay, that's such great news! big congrats to you guys. :D