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    FS: Brand New D-Link PCI Adapter

    D-Link DWL- G520 Air Plus Xtreme G, High Speed 2.4GHz Wireless PCI adapter, 108 Mbps. Brand New in Box, the shrink wrap is still on it, bought it but didn't need it and couldn't return it. Askin for $50.00. Willin to meet up in the downtown core :) PM if interested
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    Free F.A.M.E. Tickets

    Free Fitness And Model Expo Tickets for Saturday June 17th. It's gonna be held at the International Centre in Mississauga. PM if interested :)
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    Toronto Hip Hop Concert Listings

    Where can i get info for that ? Any help would be awesome, thanx
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    Where To Get Music ?

    I"ve tried the torrent sites but they only got so much hip hop, i've also tried raphustle as well, are there any other sites where i can get "hard-to-get" hip hop ? i.e. danger doom, jean grae etc
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    F.S. Computer Printers

    1. Canon BJC 6000 going for $50.00 2. HP Deskjet 670C going for $30.00 PM if Interested.
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    Where can i get em ?, online wise :)
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    FS: U.S. Robotics 802.11G Wireless Turbo Router With PCI Adapter

    Hello tribers, I got a U.S. Robotics 802.11G Wireless Turbo Router with a U.S. Robotics 802.11G Wireless Turbo PCI Adapter for sale. Only used by 1 owner for less than 6 months, in new condition Will let it go for $90.00, PM if interested
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    FS: Gemini PMX 140

    It's in good condition, Used it for about a year, asking for $60, PM or email (vurzewun@hotmail.com) if interested :)
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    FS: Snowboard Bindings

    Hello fellow tribers, I got a pair of Nitro TeamOverkill '04 Bindings, Size Large, Colors are Blue, Red, And Black, (Cause I spray painted them) They are good bindings jus the original color blew, Used only 3 times on the mountain. Asking for $45 PM/Email If Interested Vurzewun@hotmail.com
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    FS: Tech 12 MK2

    Hello tribers, this turntable was used only indoors with new audio wires, it's in great condition and ready to go. Will deliver it if your location is 20 mins from teh downtown core. If not you can always come pick it up :) Asking for $450 PM/Email if interested. Vurzewun@hotmail.com
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    FS: Sony 20' FD Trinitron WEGA ($300)

    I've had the television for about a year or so now, it's in very good condition, it hasn't left my room since i got it lol. Asking for $300.00 *PM FOR PICS SINCE I DONT KNOW HOW TO LOAD THEM UP IN THIS POST* :)
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    FS: Silver Tech 1200 MK2

    1 Silver Tech1200 MK2 with a Stanton 500 Cartridge. I got it in 2nd hand condition, pop up bulb is burnt, a few minor scratches and the armrest clip is broken (only the top part, not the bottom part that holds it up), other than that the table runs well, and was only used indoors. I can also...
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    Jin VS. Eminem ?

    Jin was on 106 & Park and challenged Eminem to a freestyle. Thoughts ?
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    FS: Skateboard

    Hi folks i'm putting my board up for sale as i wouldn't be needing it anytime soon. I have a blind skateboard with blind wheels, and destructo trucks. I bought it for $230 and would like to sell it out for $200 firm. PM if interested :)
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    Santa Cruz Snowboard Question :)

    Are they any good ? are they bad ? and why lol thanx everyone
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    Skate Parks In Toronto

    Anybody know which skatepark is the best in Toronto ? I'm startin out this year and would love to learn all that i could before the season ends :)
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    Million Marijuana March '04

    Has anybody from Tribe attended this event before ? (probably yes) i'm plannin to go this year and was wonderin what i'd expect from it :)
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    FS: Men's Nike Cortez

    Wore for a total of like 5 times, size 9.5, got them mailed to me from nike. Blue metallic checkmark. Going for 50 bucks
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    Fs: Brand New Ssx3 For Xbox

    That's right folks, it's brand spanking new, unopened packaging and everything. Going for $65.00, PM if interested
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    **Putting Up With Parents**

    My parents are pissing me the fuck off, they dont listen, they expect me to be what they want me to be. Having an opinion or doing things differently is considered wrong with them. Like WTF ! They complain about "oh you canadian kids" and a whole bunch of crap like that. If they didn't want...