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    Renting vs Buying a Furnace

    Thoughts/ Ideas? A friend of mine brought up the idea of renting. I was surprised because I knew it wasn't about not being able to afford a new one, but this is what they chose when they upgraded. They love the convenience. They suggested it to us, and we are looking into it and asking...
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    Whats is going with HOUSE M.D. ?

    I feel like I haven't seen it in forever. November being the last new episode for me... What's going on with this? Is it still on on Mondays? I checked tonight, and no luck. Some other show was on, like it always is. It's always some other show or another...never seems to be the same one when I...
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    The Old Mill for a Wedding

    May seem like a stupid question.... but my aunt wants to know if there any hair salons close by she can walk to, or cab to, because she has a wedding at the old mill. I don't know the area, I live in Sarnia, thanks.
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    Copyright Infringement Notices?

    (repost, but need answers~I didn't realise the original post was from Sept or something) ... Hey guys, I download from a site with numbers in it ;) I've been getting copyright infringement notices on my internet/comp lately. I'm new to this. Well, not new to downloading and...
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    Can't open downloaded files on my mac...?

    So I'm new to downloaded files on my mac. I downloaded utorrent because It's what I've used on my PC. The problem I have is that my completely downloaded files in utorrent won't open. I googled and someone said to get "vuse" but I can't drag and drop my utorrent files into vuse. Yes, vuse...
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    I need something to do tonight.

    What's going on that dancy and good priced? I normally hit Mod Club Saturday nights, so Friday (after the thursday events of the long weekend) is kind of baffling me! I can't seem to find much to do. suggestions?
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    Rip Direkt Jive from Detroit Underground

    For those of you that knew Chad, he passed away last night. Rip buddy, thanks for the good times, good parties, and good beats.
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    I need Chatelaine Feb 2010 issue! help?

    My husband is doing an assignment for Uni and we have searched everywhere for the Feb 2010 issue of Chatelaine (required for the assignment). Most places were sold out a week ago, and now all we see is the March issue. He just got word of this required reading last week. Anyone know where we...
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    Newzbin Invite please?!

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has an extra invite they want to give me? That would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks :)
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    The Cove - The movie, the movement

    The Cove Movie: Welcome (Short movie clip on front page) I just saw this tonight (getit@blockbuster) and it made me cry. Anyone seen this? What do you think?
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    Hi, I'm just looking for more information on Diabetes from people who have it or know of someone who does. I've read stuff online, but I need help in understanding it better. My husband has diabetes and takes metformin and apo-glyboride (I think that's the name?). Right now his blood sugar...
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    Britney Murphy Dead at 32

    I wonder what caused it? She was happily married and as far as I could -see- wasn't into the party lifestyle she use to be...
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    $908/month - Little Italy 1 Bedroom Apt.

    I saw this ad on craigslist, and I live in this building. There are only (12) 1 bedroom apartments in this building and they go quick! The entrance is key locked (and the front doors lock after 10pm), and there is a buzzer as well. It's a very safe, clean, building. Great price too...
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    How to block specific Websites? for Dummies

    Hi, We would like to block "distracting" websites from our desktop computer to see if that decreases the amount of time wasted on the internet. How do we do that? We found this: We found this for IE: Does this work for Firefox too? Does it work for both user accounts? Will it just block...
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    Know any Yorkie Breeders in the Toronto Area?

    We are looking to buy a Yorkie from a trusted breeder. Male, or Female. We have messaged those who have put online ads up, but if any on Tribe knows of anyone who is looking to sell a Yorkie PUPPY please message me! It'd be great to get a recommendation! If you own a yorkie and would love to...
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    5 weeks until my wedding, and I don't have bridesmaids dresses! help?

    Girls, this needs its own post. Originally I told them they could find their own. They wanted something black, and something they could wear again. Sounds easy? Apparently not. My wedding date is August 22, and the girls have yet to find a dress. There is "nothing in their size" or "nothing...
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    My Computer likes to Restart itself.

    This is new to me. Yes, everytime I restart I have pop ups related to hardware installation (at least that's what I'm told), but even had my system completely cleaned and reformatted and I have the same pop ups. I've been told it's "really nothing". That's going on for about 2 years. When I...
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    Help a Wii Guitar Hero newb beat Tom Morello!

    I got Wii Guitar Hero for my man for Xmas thinkin' he'd love it, but as it turns out I'm the only one really playing it. I'm not going to lie and say this isn't like my 3rd time ever playing it, but I want to beat that bastard Tom!! These songs suck, and I want to get to some good ones!! This...
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    31 cent scoopt night! Baskin Robbin's 5pm-10pm tonight!

    http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=139362725506&h=NY_Iz&u=MXzx8 I cream is my favorite food! I think I'll have it for dinner tonight~ 3 scoops for sure! (and probably a big line up!)
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    LF: Cheap/Free Law Chairs

    If anyone has law chairs we could use to sit on our balcony, and are thinking of getting rid of them/getting new ones. Please Pm me.