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    2010 NHL Playoffs

    the Pens loss made Caps fans feel much better about it all.
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    Amusing/Strange/Random Pictures

    fixed. most 'models' are though. I guess people are bored with actual good looking women these days.
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    2010 NHL Playoffs

    I suck. but here we go. Boston Pittsburgh Detroit Chicago
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    2010 NHL Playoffs

    VERY pleased with tonight's results so far. (VAN-LA not done yet. go LA. wish I would have trusted my gut and taken them)
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    2010 NHL Playoffs

    fuck, I wish I was in here earlier to dispute that without my point being obviously proven already. Varly is the playoff goalie. Theo has choked his way onto the bench in enough playoff games.
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    2010 NHL Playoffs

    Id agree with that. Semin is no slouch either.
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    2010 NHL Playoffs

    East Washington in 5 New Jersey in 5 Boston in 7 Pittsburgh in 6 West San Jose in 6 Nashville in 7 Vancouver in 6 Phoenix in 7
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    NHL 2009 2010 Season Thread

    are we doing playoff predictions in here or are one of you setting up a new thread? I have wisdom to share.
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    I have no interest in quitting, but I would also like to try these.
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    Kitchener Waterloo

    raves in kitchener? no. not ever. and if so, they sucked.
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    Help tribe! the morning after pill - a man's involvement?

    condoms, eh? *leaves thread*
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    24: The Thread (2010 edition)

    Im going to watch tonight and I hate myself for it.
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    One-time back-hair removal suggestions

    we Naired "24" into a fat buddy's back ages ago before may 24 weekend, and I was surprised how well it worked. give'r.
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    How About a PET Picture Thread!!

    ya, Ive seen that before too.
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    The Unpopular Non-Breeders thread

    I applaud this thread.
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    new albums alert!

    STP - may 25
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    Toronto Maple Leafs 2009/2010

    ya, if only they played a statistically worse team every night.
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    font id?

    ya, I just found it with a font identifier. pretty cool software. asks you questions till you nail it.
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    Team Canada - Vancouver 2010

    fucking ridiculous.