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    Anyone have an invitation to GFXNEWS.ru? (Graphic Design torrent fourm)

    Today they are open for registration if anyone wants to join...
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    Anyone have an invitation to GFXNEWS.ru? (Graphic Design torrent fourm)

    Hey I'm looking for an invite to this gfxnews.ru site.... I was searching for one and tribe came up in google.... I used to be on the tribe boards years and years ago and it helping me with lots, so here's hoping I can snag an invite! Thanks if you can... S. <-coming at ya from Taiwan
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    Fake degrees for teaching overseas?

    Im the one who needs the scan, and here's the whole story: First off, I do have a college diploma and TESL Certification. When I first came here, I got a job through an agent (if anyone ever plans on coming overseas to teach English, do NOT use an agent. Come first and find a job on your own)...
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    Going to Taiwan ....

    Do you have Rob Solo's contact information (email)? I hung out with him in London a few times and we have mutual friends... It'd be cool to hook up with a local dj half way around the world! .s.
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    Going to Taiwan ....

    My friend and I are moving to Taiwan (Kaohsiung) in a couple of weeks to teach English. We have some friends there as well and they are having a blast, but polution was on of the things they complain about as well. We are in the process of getting our entry Visa's right now, and then off we go...
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    MANZONE and other such nonsense...

    In regards to c.acid.e his real name is Cassidy.... used to spin at E! parties.
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    the long overdue haircut

    I just got my hair cut today in London.... i go to Ashfields Barbershop on Oxford/Adelaide (its behind the Palasad). Its cool there because they're oldschool. They shave your neck with a straight razor and the whole bit. All for $11.00! It's right beside "Hair Force One" .s.
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    Family Guy fans prepare for American Dad!

    Check out the new cartoon from family guy creator Seth McFarlane: http://www.american-dad.com .s.
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    Xvid, Subtitles And HERO

    d/l VobSub... install it and try again. should work. http://www.divx-digest.com/software/vobsub.html .s.
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    Man On Fire

    i read the book a few years back. it was a wicked book. there are two more after man on fire... following creasy around. It looks like they changed quite a bit in the movie... in the book creasy was a older white man nearing his late fifties if i remember correctly. The auther is A.J. Quinnell...
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    Name my chihuahua!

    call it Elle First name: Tacob
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    Name my chihuahua!

    what about dolly
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    Track I.D.

    Lookng for a vocal track that i 'think' says: "how can i say, my friends..." or something along those lines. Any ideas?
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    HELP. How do you make a button in Flash MX?

    to make it link.... click on your button on the stage hit F9 (actions) along the left, click actions, then Browser/network in the submenu double click 'getURL' type in where you want the link to go (remember http://) that should work .s.
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    HELP. How do you make a button in Flash MX?

    open your library (ctrl+l) click the little plus in the bottom left corner set behavior to button name it click ok draw your button (or paste your pic in there) on the button time line, click on the 'hit' frame hit F5 draw a black box over the picture go back to your 'scene 1' drag the...
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    I have the new radiohead album.

    remake of pablo honey taken from: http://www.greenplastic.com/news/index.html "Pablo Honey 2 Radiohead today announced that as a bonus, a brand new version of Pablo Honey will be bundled with copies of Hail to the Thief this June. According to the band's management, the band felt that...
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    Bassbin twins CD's

    I was just at the bassbin twins website, and noticed they had two mixed cd's (94 and 99 i think) for sale. Just wondering if anyone has heard them before. If so... any good? .s.
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    Bit Torrent (p2p application)

    what are screeners? .s.
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    Tech, -- PS2 -- A/V Heads

    I think that the PS2 only supports 5.1 for dvd's and cut scenes in games. While in gameplay you won't get the full effect. .s.
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    Just wanted to let london people and anyone else that there is a new website/message board up called londonevents.ca. Please stop by and check it out. Post on the board any comments you may have. Enjoy. Stu http://www.londonevents.ca