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    Why do punjabi TV people randomly switch between english and punjabi?

    So I'm watching punjabi TV, and in between the high-pitched yodeling, and weird 70's style zoom-ins on the guy and girl's faces (it's ALWAYS one girl and one guy, although the guy sometimes has his buddies egging him on while doing West Side Story-style background dancing), the announcer (VJ?)...
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    I <3 Allspice

    Last week I accidentally put some of this in my pepper grinder, on account of it looking just like pepper. At first I couldn't figure out why my pepper was smelling like nutmeg or something... and it didn't taste right. But I kept at it. Now I'm hooked on this shit. I'm putting it on...
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    D&D Online

    My brother who is a die hard WoW player (and I mean die-hard... 8 hours a day pretty much non stop since the beta... the guy needs rehab... but that's a different story), says that Dungeons & Dragons Online is the best thing sice sliced bread... or at least since WoW. He played the beta 24 hours...
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    New Abu Gharib photos

    A bunch of new photos got out today, many of them much worse than the original batch. Some show what appear to be corposes of prisoners tortured to death. The american media completely ignored the story. Not even a word on CNN, NBC, ABC. The CBC however reported on it (and reported on the...
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    Beware the Starforce -- the next Sony DRM fiasco?

    So as a few of you might know, there is a new copy protection/antipiracy scheme out there called Starforce. It's made by a Russian company, and it's being distributed in all sorts of new games including Splinter Cell 3, Prince of Persia 2, and the upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V (which...
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    Needed urgently: stuffed penguin

    Goddamnit you'd think after that penguin movie every toy store in the city would be stocking these. Anyone know where I can buy one? I'll drive to the burbs if I have to...
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    Does alexd sell our email addresses?

    Lately I've been getting more and more club-related spam. I can't think of where this stuff would be coming from other than TRIBE... I don't give out my address anywhere. Haven't done so in years. When I do have to give out my address, I've got a bunch of spam aliases. In fact the only spam I...
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    If you were a triber...

    ... who would you be? It's like the ninja turtles thread that never was (Donatello!)
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    transparency is the new black: the new cbc newsworld graphic treatment

    That's right, this is a thread about the new CBC Newsworld graphic treatement--the colour scheme, the font, the layout. Petty and inconsequential, you say? Whatever. The old treatment, which was unceremoniously phased out on Sunday night looked terrible. You'd watch the BBC or even CNN (which...
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    the talking heads talk: the debate thread

    watch it live right now at http://www.cbc.ca/listen/ and click "watch the special feed" (or just watch on a regular tv, i guess) ... not to say that the debates actually mean anything as far as governance goes
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    Game Year in Review: 2010

    Vaguley amusing article o'er at Wired: http://www.wired.com/news/columns/0,69974-0.html?tw=wn_tophead_2
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    i dislocated my shoulder while sneezing

    That's right ladies and gentlement. I sneezed while lying in bed, and my shoulder popped right out. I've managed to dislocate it many times previously... while getting off a canoe, another time in jiujitsu, probably a dozen times snowboarding, once even while reaching for a camera in the back...
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    the sea monkey thread

    So yesterday I bought a jar of sea monkey eggs, and some salt, and I mixed it all in big tall glass, and now I'm awaiting the entertainment to begin. How long does it take? And don't tell me to google this. Making a thread on tribe is half the fun.
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    The OTIS Box

    Is full.
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    Quitting pot

    Dear Tribe, About 3 weeks ago I quit smoking pot. This after 3 or 4 years of smoking more or less every day. Mind you I was never a "chronic"... I wasn't one of those people who smokes a joint for breakfest, lunch, and dinner (and then a midnight snack). But over the last year I did notice my...
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    120 Dangerous Ideas

    This really has very little to do with politics (at least directly), but I doubt anyone in the general forum would care, so here it is instead. The Edge is an informal group of intellectuals. Members include people like Richard Dawkins, Brian Greene, Daniel Dennet, Steven Pinker, Freeman...
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    the Downtown Electronics sucks thread

    so i took my samsung LCD monitor in for repairs... it's still on warranty and stuff, and they're the authorized samsung repair place in the city. When I dropped it off, they're like "it should be ready in one to two weeks".... so a month later I finally get a phone call saying my monitor is...
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    Shooting at Elm and Yonge... right now :(

    Just heard about 5 or 6 gunshots outside my window. Sounded like something semi-automatic. Now there's police cars swarming. This is kind of scary. Second shooting right outside my doors this year. Should be on the news in a few minutes.
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    holiday drinking

    So this whole concept of drinking excessively for the holidays is totally foreign to me. I keep reading posts about people and their families drinking, and it keeps reminding me how weird my family is. There is absolutely no alcohol involved during our holiday dinners. *maybe* a glass of eggnog...
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    the 407 thing

    So I was arguing with my dad about the 407 ETR "scandal" the other day, and I realized I'm still pretty confused about exactly what happened. On one hand, all kinds of lefties (like my dad) keep quoting it as the pinnacle of Harris' PC mismanagement, and on the other, I can't quite figure out...