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    CIBC run for the Cure - Oct 2 05

    Anyone running? I've joined team Layers. If you're interested in running with us or donating, please see us online at https://www.cibcrunforthecure.com/html/t.asp?t=63362&l=1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Information...
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    Layers @ Footwork Aug 27th

    Good times!! Soulful house at it's finest. Martino from 83 West was totally on point working the Korg. Awesome night. I believe that was the launch of the new Layers monthly. One thing about Footwork...walk with cash!! They don't accept credit card there yet so you can't start a tab.
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    Search Engines

    I'm sick of Yahoo, MSN and Poogle....any recommendations?
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    Anyone ever been to Amsterdam??

    The city not the brew house on King... Heading there in ten days and was wondering if anyone here has ever been. Any suggestions on sites to see and clubs to hit?
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    Turntable trouble....

    Ok, I mucked up my Technic 1200MK2 last night and have no clue how to fix it. The black cover on the power switch, the one you twist clock wise to turn the deck on, came off and I can't get it back on. There seems to be a part missing but I don't really know and now I can't turn the thing on...