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    Friendlyman @ the Juno's !

    I just saw that "Truth and Rights" , which is the group Friendlyman plays with, is up for a Juno this year. Big up the friendly one!! CAFF>
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    Marky...did anyone go?

    How wuz it ? CAFF>
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    Living Legends Are Coming Yo!

    YEP. SOON. WORD. caFF>
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    Just thought i'd mention to everyone that SKILLZ is going to be spitting at the Jazzy Jeff show tomorrow night. Thats the word i heard!!! CAFF>
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    Korg Triton mods

    does anyone know where i can get some free ones? thanks, CAFF>
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    hype about HYPE!

    I heard Hype is cummin to the dot soon. Is this true?????
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    ?Where can ya get UKG records around here?

    Anyone know where i can find some tracks, new or old? Word uP! CAFF
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    Yo! Link me. CAF deeejayecaf@yahoo.ca Easy.
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    Breaks nights in T.O.???

    What is going on for breaks and U.K. Garage this summer in Toronto?? easy, CAF
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    Vinyl Syndicate @ The Beat Junkie

    This is gonna be hot this summer! i was only there to hear Gabriels(sp?) and Snipers sets but heard soo many good new tunes. Sniper dropped a new Hype tune which was dope, a tune of his called "Survival", pure niceness, and the new Crunk, whut!!! A good turn-out for the first nite. easy CAF
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    SHAKEDOWN - Friendlyman meets Chuckieboom w/ Dripp

    You know when you go somewhere and there's not a whole lot of people but the vibe and the beatz are soooooo sweet that it really doesn't matter? Well, that was Friday @ Comfort Zone. It wuz a friends b-day and we decided to hit 3 different bars. I'm really glad we went to CZ though. Dripp...