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    RIP Jake Abramowitz aka Q-tip, Kuba, Kubatron

    Sadly Jake passed away while biking in Toronto this weekend. He was a big part of tribe in it heyday and a personal friend to myself and many, he leaves behind a wife and 10 year old son. He was my mortgage broker and my friend I've known him for the past 20 years and we met here, I'll be...
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    RIP Jeffus

    HI All, I just found out that Jeffus passed away, not sure of the details but thought I should share for those still here who knew him. RIP, to a funny, charming and interesting dude
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    4k blue ray players?

    so I have the LG OLED and running an AppleTV3. I am now looking to get a compatible 4k player that will also play standard blue rays and also DVDs. Not interested in Sound options nor Apps/internet or streaming since i can do all of that already on the tv or box. I also do not have cable so...
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    FS Snowjoe SJ623E Snowblower

    I have a like new snowblower that I bought last year and used 4 times. 18 inch clearance and 15 amp electric, everything works like it would out of the box. Asking $150 Snow Joe 14.5 Amp Ultra Electric Snow Blower with 18-inch Clearing Width | The Home Depot Canada Winter is coming
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    RIP Gordie Howe

    Mr. Hockey is certainly worthy of his own thread
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    Surprised this hasn't come up at all, it's akin to challenges seen in third world countries yet it's happening right here in Ontario. This isn't just the fault of the government, although the prior regime didn't make it any easier, a large amount of blame has to lie at the band leaders feet...
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    What song is stuck in your head?

    Im sure we've all experienced moments where we can't get rid of a song that is constantly on repeat. I have a very odd one that pops up regularily and has for years. It drives me nuts and pops up even in unrelated scenarios where the song meaning does not coinside with the moment. Plz halp...
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    Police video camera abuse

    So today I was waiting for the streetcar and on my phone, minding my own business. Across the street was a grey Dodge caravan and 3 officers questioning a black male, why I do not know. After placing him in the van, one of the officers attempted to take video of of me. It was clear as there...
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    Suggest to me a Record player

    So I've inherited a bunch original pressings of some old old old classical Lp's and other sorts. Rather than sell them I was looking into buying a record player to listen to them. I have a decent consumer system Paradigm/Denon set up but would now like to add a record player to the mix. I'm...
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    FS: Kraftwerk 3D tickets Saturday March 29th, Sony Centre

    I have two tickets available for the Kraftwerk 3D show Saturday March 29th at the Sony centre. They are located at Balcony 4 Row D seats 93 and 94. I am offering for $95 each, These sold out in minutes and are the perfect location to view the 3D show, as you don't want to be first row to...
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    Words you Type Incorrcetly

    Since we no longer write things down and rely heavily on computers to communicate, there are typing mistakes that occur almost daily. The most common for me is From, which I type almost every time as Form, sadly spell check never catches it so I have to manually review. I don't need to...
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    So what did you get for Christmas????

    Some of my better gifts were a safety razor (finally) and 3d glasses for my TV and obviously my new baby girl what did Santa leave you under the tree?
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    Apparently Being Rich is a Disease

    what a f*cking joke, that judge should be fired Rich douche gets probation for killing 4 people while drunk driving FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A North Texas teen from an affluent family received a probation-only sentence this week for losing control of his pickup truck while drunk and...
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    Best Albums of 2013

    Well with 2014 just around the corner now is a good time to discuss what albums caught your eye this year for me Lorde - Pure Heroine c4rbR36vH7E Moby -Innocents Dq_VkETFPzQ Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City mX46e4GtlXM
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    John Hookah - Evolve - Summer 2013 Mix

    https://soundcloud.com/john-hookah/john-hookah-evolve-summer-2013 This is a mix recorded in my studio the beginning of August, it's a nice mix of deep tech sounds and perfect for a day at the beach or the cottage. There are loads of nostalgic samples in these tracks, this is one the old...
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    Thoughts on Wifi video monitoring systems

    Since we have a baby on the way I am looking into purchasing a baby monitor, while it doesn't have to be exclusively for the baby I am looking for something with a good quality picture, ease of use and phone/tablet compatibility. I have been interested in two and wondering if anyone has...
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    the Alberta floods

    So my friend has been sending me photos from his town and around his area showing the devistation caused by the heavy rains they've had since Monday. The area looks rough (even Calgary) and it's going to take emergency response a long time to get things up and running, road are washed away...
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    Did you know homestars has someone write reviews

    So in April I had my roof replaced, they did a great job and I was very happy with the work. About a month later I received a call from a private number referring to my homestars referral for service asking me about my thoughts on the job and I expressed the above in a bit more detail. She...
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    1st World Problems, Saudi Prince's Wealth defamed

    got this passed along to me this morning, I am amazed at what the world is coming to. Lawsuit: Saudi prince claims Forbes' rich list understated his wealth Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has filed a libel lawsuit against Forbes magazine, which he says underestimated his wealth by...