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    Happy Birthday miss xylene !

    not only are you sweet smelling, but highly flammable! Hope to see you tonight, but if not this thread will have to do for now! Happy 18th! ;)
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    KNOW54 - Deep Blue - mix inside

    not sure if that other knowledge thread is gone, cuz i didn't check..... very tasty mix by Deep Blue, was posted on TJ the other week, so im posting it up here in case anyone doesn't check that site http://www.megaupload.com/?d=25RRZ0MA as per instructions, you gotta wait 45 seconds...
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    do you like jungle? then download this

    you've probably never heard of Temper D(i haven't either until now), but he puts a lot of big names to shame, if this mix is anything to go by http://content.dogsonacid.com/staff/jeryl/temperd3deckmixjuly2005.mp3 it gets a little out of hand at times, but the sheer volume of teases and...
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    Neely is in

    way to go Seabass, the Hall of Fame is glad to have you! good stuff, Cam has always been a favorite of mine
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    Midi/VST woes in Tracktion

    i'm having a bit of trouble recording in Tracktion. Using VSTs, i will load up a sound and it plays fine. However when i hit record, it automatically uses the sounds from program 37 in the VST(and it doesn't matter which VST i'm using, as it always will record the sounds from program 37 of...
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    Klute - DOA mix April 05

    go and get it http://content.dogsonacid.com/klute-doa-apr2005.mp3 1. ?? - ?? 2. Klute - Can't see the groove 3. Break & Silent Witness - Close To Zero 4. Silent Witness & Break (?) - ?? 5. ?? - ?? 6. Klute - Junk 7. ?? (Break ?) - ?? 8. ?? - ?? 9. Break - Pressions 10. D-Kay -...
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    Scholes retires from international play

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/3531982.stm Scholes quits England Paul Scholes career statistics Photos of Scholes' England career England's Paul Scholes has retired from international football to concentrate on his career with Manchester United. The...
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm 3rd season.....Showcase!

    for those without HBO(like me) the 3rd season of CYE starts on June 20th, 10pm, on showcase. can't wait!
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    Turtle Beach sound cards

    anyone know of a store in the GTA that carries the santa cruz card? Online i can only find it in the US, and i'd rather not pay for it to get shipped up here if i don't need to. someone help me save shipping! :)
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    Radiohead reminder

    rebroadcast of the Montreal show is starting now. on the edge :)
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    computer sound help needed

    i gotta problem. i hooked up my DVD player to my computer today so i could get surround sound in my room to watch movies. only problem is that the sound is fucking horrible!! its very choppy and there's quite a bit of static. it sounds really bad. my question is: what's wrong...
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    Sorry, we were wrong

    Iraq evidence wrong, White House admits U.S. envoy's claims that his findings were misrepresented prompts about-face WASHINGTON (AP) — Amid questions about who knew what about prewar...
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    Titles of the Unexpected

    fuck its been awhile since i started a thread.... So who's pumped for the EZ Rollers newest LP?? I know i am, but having not been paying attention lately(refer to the out of the loop thread), i haven't heard anything off this album yet. supposed to have some different styles on...
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    This dnb arena top 20 tunes thingy.....

    how the fuck does Grimey get in there?? Someone please explain...... Any guesses on #1?? My bet is 'Terrorist'(mainly because of the remix factor) But a feel good choice for me would be to see 'Valley of the Shadows' up at the top. What do you all think??
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    i'll do my bit......GERMAN DRUM&BASS

    who likes it? who doesn't? where can i find some good sets? I started to really like the german side after i bought the knowledge a few months back with two german mixes......really solid stuff, it sounds like they are using a whole different set of samples than the UK/US/CAN crews, or...
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    John B on Radio 1 tonight

    Midnight UK time, so 7:00 in Toronto, he's doing a two hour set for the One World program If anyones interested www.bbc.co.uk/radio1
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    Bad Co. are in TOP FORM at the moment...

    let the flaming begin:D I don't know if I'm the only one here, but lately I've been really digging their new shit. Respect to Dan Fresh for always trying new things. I still can't believe that 'Submarines' tune is by the same guys that did the Nine!! And snowcat has been getting good...
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    What REALLY went on @ WMC.....

    I, for one, am shocked:D
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    Patife on Radio 1 NOW!!!!

    www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 although noone will prolly read this until it's too late.....your fault fools!!!
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    Adam F - Metrosound

    Fuckin 'ard.....nuff said. good to see adam back on the D&B tip