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    POOL it up - NFL

    A pool which doesnt mean anything at all, just for fun among tribe members. Simply pick and post the teams you think will win each week......See who is on top of their football..... WEEK 1 Thursday, Sep. 9 Indianapolis at New England, 9:00 pm Sunday, Sep. 12 Arizona at St. Louis...
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    Mercury Topaz

    Alright....now that I have graduated college, and I have a real job complete with a company car, I am looking to unload my Topaz...It is a 1994 Mercury Topaz, white with 150,000 KM's (barely anything for this car). It needs some work to get her running, as I believe there may be an issue with...
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    Car Insurance Rate Cut

    Well, here is something nice to hear.... Insurance hike won't be as big: Sorbara CANADIAN PRESS Ontario drivers can expect an average 10-per-cent reduction in increases to their vehicle insurance premiums when they renew this year, Finance Minister Greg Sorbara said today. "On...
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    Purple Room

    I feel I gotta do this because he's the man, but I just got home from the purple room at Rev where your very own Case Sensitive AKA Matt Justicewas opening up the night....What a SHOW!! He owned the crowd.... Any Tribe folk that were in Waterloo tonight caught a great first set, and any...
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    Moving Sale - Furniture

    I am posting this for a friend I go to school with, who is moving back to Thunder Bay, and therefore needs to sell her furniture in the next 4 weeks! The first thing she has is a couch from Ikea - see pic Bought in September, perfect condition - she paid $300, and will sell for $175...
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    FS: Cell Phone

    I just recently got a new cell phone, so i have my old phone just sitting around, figured i might as well try and sell it! Here it goes: Kyocera 5135 The Kyocera 5135 is a Trimode sleek, ultra-small clamshell design and it is sure to turn heads with its small design and cool blue...