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    Phone memory card

    Looking to buy a 128GB memory card for my LG G4 phone. Some of them are well over $100 while some are half that. Can someone please explain the difference in memory cards to me. Are there different qualities of memory? Thanks!
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    deep/jazzy house instrumental?

    been getting more and more into housey/jazzy instrumental tracks...the kind of stuff you hear in the lounge with a solid beat and just a guitar or piano or sax in the background...no vocals...frankie knuckles used to play this kind of stuff late in his sets can anyone steer me toward any...
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    keyboard issues :(

    recently had a virus so had a friend format my hard drive and reload windows 7 ultimate...problem is, since this my keyboard is out of wack...when i type sometimes it just stops on it's own, often the cursor will jump somewhere else on the page and type there instead...happens all the time...
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    anyone been to a marlies game? do they have standing room at the top? thanks
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    rogers rocket mobile internet stick

    anyone using this? pros,cons,plans? thanks!!
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    there is hope for the human race after all

    did something pretty stupid yesterday...withdrew money from an atm and walked away without actually taking the money...years of hard partying will do that to ya called the bank, in an act of desperation, in hope that someone had come across the $$ and turned it in...low and behold, the bank...
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    bell express view sports in hd

    ok, here's the deal i'm moving into a place that includes cable but it's bell satellite and i've always been a rogers guy...not sure yet what package the landlord offers but i have the option of upgrading if i want anyone here on bell and if so what hd channels come with basic and what...
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    bloor west village

    any bars or little hot spots in or near the bloor west village? anyone live in this area?
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    sports stores

    anyone know of any sport stores downtown that have an extensive selection of baseball/softball stuff? sportschek's stuff is very limited eagle beaver is pretty good but is in scarborough thanks
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    ride share to montreal

    lots and lots of ads on craigslist for ride shares to montreal and back anyone ever gone this route and if so care to give a review of the service you used? thanks
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    regional blackouts?

    anyone know the scoop behind regional blackouts? one of the best games of the season, calgary and colorado is blacked out in ontario...it's being shown on sportsnet west but we can't see it...not even alternate programing...just a blank screen sportsnet west shows lots of twins games in...
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    ttc driver suspended for impaired driving

    if only she had taken a nap behind the wheel like the ticket takers do she might not have gotten caught...another black eye for the great ttc ]The TTC is conducting an internal investigation after one of its bus drivers had her licence suspended after she allegedly hit the warning range on a...
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    Balcony furniture?

    Anyone know of any good places for balcony furniture? Looking for bar height type chairs and table sets. Checked out a lot of the usual places but they tend to specialize in basic patio stuff that you'd have in your back yard. Thanks
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    how safe is your neighbourhood

    interesting link of crime in toronto Toronto Crime Map - Showing Crime in Toronto, Canada - Crime Statistics - Crime Alerts - Crime Stops Here
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    most overrated play in sports

    the dunk sorry, if you've ever seen an nba game live it's unreal how easy it is for these guys to dunk a basketball...it's the equivalent of us getting on our tippy toes and putting a can of peas on the top shelf in the kitchen why fans lose their shit every time one of these giants dunks...
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    ttc says no to adultery

    ttc decides it has morals and doesn't need ashleymadison.com's $200,000 :D TTC Rejects Controversial Streetcar Ads With the recent scandal involving Tiger Woods, infidelity is a big topic of discussion and a website that helps married people have affairs was hoping to keep the...
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    At least 101 dead, 140 injured in nightclub blast, Russian authorities say Moscow, Russia (CNN) -- An explosion late Friday at a nightclub in central Russia killed at least 101 people and injured at least 140 others, Russian officials said. Eighty-five of the injured were in critical...
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    oprah's quitting...no wait, she's not

    why are all these people going crazy over this ridiculous announcement oprah's leaving her show after 25 years !!!! stoopid don lemon on cnn almost started to cry :O she's not going anywhere...she's starting her own network and continuing her show there...literally right after leaving...
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    double apathy

    is it tennis itself or just doubles in tennis that few people really care about canadian daniel nestor just won his 9th consecutive doubles title of the season and his 64th atp career win and it hardly creates a ripple pretty impressive stuff....if anyone cares :p
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    Fleury admits being sexually abused

    for those of us that followed the graham james trial, this comes as no surprise...it was assumed at the time that fleury was also one of james victims but he always denied it until now... His professional hockey career may be over, but it appears Theoren Fleury has one more story to tell...