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    There is a place called Planet Nails on Yonge just before Roehampton. I went in for waxing once when I couldn't get an appointment with my regular waxing lady. I remember that I was out of there relatively quickly and it wasn't very painful.
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    Track Id Help

    a great big thanks!!
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    Scars that don't heal HELP!

    after i had my ankle surgery last year, the surgeon recommended a silicone gel (dermatix) for the scar. i didn't end up trying it though because it was pretty expensive, $70 for 1 tube.
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    Track Id Help

    Not sure if this belongs in the Progressive or the House forum, but since I heard Dave Seaman play this track, I'll ask the question here. All suggestions would be much appreciated. So, the track has these female vocals: "I, me, we're your friends You will never be lonely again Come on...
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    Mascara - THE THREAD

    thanks girls! :) i will give one of the blue ones a try. i really wanted to get one when i was in sephora, but i just had to make sure that i wouldn't look ridiculous wearing it.
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    Mascara - THE THREAD

    i was in sephora recently and noticed quite a few coloured mascaras, mostly blue and purple. are these still considered trashy or are they funky now?
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    toronto barber and beauty supply at the corner of bay and dundas has is for a good price, about $18 for a bottle.
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    Girl stuff forum

    for those of you who were interested in the george brown personal makeup application courses, there is a new one that has been posted! it runs from 30 may to 20 june. and there are still a few spots left. http://coned.georgebrown.ca/owa_prod/cewskcrss.P_CrseGet?subj_code=FASH&crse_numb=9095
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    freeware programs to attach split up mp3 files into one big file?

    jhplit can do both - split and join mp3 files and it's free http://www.freebyte.com/hjsplit/
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    We need another tribe ladies night.

    is it too late to get on the list? i would love to meet more tribe ladies in person :)
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    awww yesss Danny T

    woo hoo... got my ticket 2 weeks ago! i am about to start counting the days :D
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    People banning you on soulseek

    I have been having the same problem too. A couple of days ago I checked the soulseek forums and there was a new sticky about it, saying that they are aware of the search problem and are working on getting out a new version of soulseek out, which will fix the problem. The new version should be...
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    based on my personal experience with dating a rookie plumber in the past, i would say don't get into it. he used to work 12+ hours daily, and being the new guy in the company he was given almost every weekend to be on call, so most of his work weeks were 7 days. his starting wages weren't that...
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    24 : Season 4

    i agree, this episode had way too much drama and emotional crap. it was a complete filler. the only new development is that now we can expect an attack on the president when he lands and that was revealed in the last 5 minutes.
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    Network Security course recommendations?

    I would recommend looking into getting either a CISSP or a SSCP certification. More info here https://www.isc2.org/cgi-bin/index.cgi
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    24 : Season 4

    Didn't Driscoll offer her the opportunity to resign and not have to go to jail?
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    Danny Tenaglia @ The Docks May 24 weekend

    so when can we expect the tickets for this to be available?
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    What to do in Montreal ?

    a friend of mine told me about a clothing store, which turns into a club/bar/lounge/etc once a month or maybe even once a week. does anyone know the name of this place? i think, but i'm not sure, that it's on st. catherine.
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    24 : Season 4

    i'm getting a little disappointed in this season. so far they keep repeating storylines from previous seasons: presidential pardons for the bad guys moles at ctu a small-scale effect of the big plot (1 reactor melting down, last season the virus being released in the hotel) a relative of...