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    midi controller/keyboard for downtempo music

    Hey everyone, I am going to be in the market for a midi controller/keyboard this summer and wanted everyone's input. I thought of the Korg MicroKontrol, but I absolutly MUST have full sized keys. I am currently looking at the Novation 25 remote audio, but I know there are so many options...
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    Does anyone here play foosball at all? I was introduced to it about three months ago and have already spent countless hours in bars, etc. playing. anyone else dig?
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    Grand Theft Auto

    lol! Grand Theft Auto in the 80s! Reason # 35474959 why PS2 rules.
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    Tonights Simpsons?

    All it says in the TV guide is "Homer saves the world" or something like that. Anyone know what it's about?
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    Slacker - Looky Thing

    Slick track, but does anyone know if there is going to be a dub? Can't handle mr. I wanna know, just how you feel...i'm so trippy anyone, anyone?
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    MMII Mixed by John Digweed

    from Progressive-Sounds.com 1.Pollen "Lonely Planet" - Scopex 2.Polefolder "Dust" - Bedrock 3.Bermuda Triangle "Mooger Fooger" - Planet Noise 4.Sean Q6 "Thing" - Bedrock 5.Flash Brothers "Protect The Senses" - Agnosia 6.Te Quiero "108 Grand" (Darren Emerson remix) - Brute...
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    foreign exchange?

    has anyone here every done a foreign exchange for school? I'm thinking about doing a semester out of the country and would like some experiences, thoughts, likes/dislikes, etc. thanks!
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    Pole Folder - Planetary Activity

    Played on Digweed's kiss fm show on March 22, anyone have any info onit? I'm assuming it's coming out on bedrock...
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    so i'm listening to happy hardcore

    right so I've been listening to bad music this evening and thought "Hey happy hardcore is the butt end of all musical jokes ever!" So I decided to download some and see what all the shazz is about (I never really listened to any before, never got into it). So far I've listened to three songs...
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    April Fools!

    gotcha! :cool:
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    Track ID from Howells @ System

    Can anyone tell me what the very first record Howells played? 'tanks!
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    mixing car names and fish

    A Volksalmon Jetta
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    cha cha do-do cha, chadda do.