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    FS - Pioneer CDJ-1000 mk1

    The unit is in good condition and works perfectly - I have 3 1000s and am moving to a much smaller space, so at least one will have to go. If you're interested, please call or text me at 647 782 4984. Price is $550 firm. Local pickups and cash only.
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    FS - Novation Remote 37SL MIDI Keyboard - $200

    The unit works and is in great shape - I'm moving to a much smaller space next week so I've downsized to a Korg nanokey. If you pick it up before Sunday, I'll throw in an AC adapter that does not ship with the unit - I preferred using it as a straight-up MIDI controller to using the Novation...
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    Affordable pet neutering?

    I need to have my cat neutered soon and my vet wants $400 for the procedure which seems on the high end. Can anyone recommend any options close to downtown that might be a little more reasonably priced, without sacrificing the quality of care?
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    Anyone got a pm on the current idrinks?
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    FS: Purple Days Vape

    Purple-Days Diffusers - Home Page They're no longer making these but this thing still works perfectly and is built to run FOREVER. The only reason I'm selling it is because I recently picked up a Whispr for some added portability. It includes the car adapter as well...... $150
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    VISTEK doesn't honor their deals...

    I wasted 2-3 hours today trying to buy Lightroom from Vistek on one of their black Friday specials - after everything is said and done, their website was hooped, they were not returning calls, and now that I've finally spoken to someone, they're refusing to honor it because the timing of the...
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    Need a Recommendation - Couples Hot Stone Massage

    I need a recommendation for a couples hot stone massage downtown - price is of tertiary importance to quality of the massage and then location/atmosphere.
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    Feb 6 is Bob Marley Day - so sayeth Rob Ford!

    City of Toronto Proclamation ------------------- PROCLAMATION Bob Marley Day February 6, 2011 WHEREAS Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6, 1945, and in his 36 years created a legacy of socially observant music which continues to inspire hope and acceptance around the world...
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    Women's watches?

    I'm looking for recommendations on the best places to look for a watch for my girlfriend - Any go-to places come to mind when you hear the word 'watches'? I'm thinking winners and maybe blue banana in Kensington Market to start, but beyond that I'm clueless.
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    Any good parties happening in Montreal this weekend?

    Stereo looks to be 100% big gay house so that's out... We're driving up Saturday and coming back Monday....
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    Montreal - need hotel recommendations for a bachelor party!

    I'm looking for a hotel that can accommodate a bachelor party (9 guys) well. I'm looking into Lt St Sulpice but I'm looking for other recommendations. Ideally we'd find a place that had 2 or 3 adjacent suites with room for everyone - we're trying to keep the total hotel cost under $1500.
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    3am... need booze... iDrinks # anyone?

    Would seriously appreciate a PM :)
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    Need a recommendation for an iPhone 3GS case

    I'm looking for something thin that affords some protection - gelaskins with a screen cover might actually be enough for my needs, but I'm open to alternatives (something that isn't fugly would be a requirement).
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    Anyone have a newzbin acct that can send me an invite?

    I'm switching to Rogers from DSL so I'm going to need to switch from torrents to newsgroups... an invite would be much appreciated!
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    FT: Motherboard/CPU/Memory/Vid Card combo

    I have some gear to get rid of - it's an older p4 (2.0ghz I believe - single core) with some Ram (a gig or two I think... I honestly can't recall), and a video card (basic ATI radeon 8500 - fanless so it's really quiet and decent for a studio or HTPC). Not a ton of horsepower, but it's more...
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    WTB: Clavia Nord Lead or Wave

    Price depends on the model and condition - PM me if you've got one you might sell...
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    Recommend me an A/V company that does boardroom projector sales/service.

    The unit in our boardroom is dying - I need someone to come scope out the room, sell me a replacement projector, and install it. Any recommendations?
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    Help Needed - Hard Drives keep dying on me

    So.... I'm trying to figure out the best way to proceed with some PC troubles. I've had three hard drives die on me in the last year (well.. 2 dead, the third is brand new and seems like it's failing). The first two were Western Digital 500 gig drives, and both experienced hardware failure...
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    New Ontario legislation aimed at Ticketmaster

    http://www.cbc.ca/consumer/story/2009/04/29/ont-ticketmaster.html Ont. legislation will attempt to stop Ticketmaster resales on TicketsNow Ontario will take on U.S. entertainment giant Ticketmaster Wednesday by introducing legislation to stop companies from reselling concert tickets at...
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    Where should I go to buy houseplants?

    I'm looking to pick up some plants for the apartment - any recommendations on a good place to go?