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    Official Announcement From System Soundbar

    Well as most of you have heard by now, System Soundbar is shutting its doors just short of seven years on December 31st 2005. It has been an amazing ride. I’ve gotten a couple of calls asking why the club has not made an official announcement about the closure yet, well that was made for...
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    Who Wants It?

    Ok so we started the Renos this week and I just wanted to know which one of you out there wanted the 'Weed smoking, alien space monkey' from the back room for your living room? Come on I know SOMEBODY wants it.
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    They Caught Saddam!!!

    Just got a msg at the club from some friends in the states... they are celebrating in the streets at 7:00am, unfortunately my TV doesn't work in the office, anyone still up and heard anything?
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    System Soundbar Website Relaunch

    Check it out... tell us what you think http://www.systemsoundbar.com/sslaunch
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    Funeral Arrangements For Huey

    Early last week Aug 24th or 25th Clinton Mcfarlane known to most of you as Huey passed away at home.... Huey had epilepsy and had been dealing with seizures of varying degrees for the last four years.... he was on medication for it and it seemed that it was under control..... unfortunately that...