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    Roland DS-50A: Powered Monitors Speakers / $400 for the pair

    . . Great powered studio monitors. Paid almost $1000 taxes included for them. Selling $400 for the pair. >>>> email >> info ((at)) promorecords .ca DS-50A: 24-bit Powered Monitor Features With the DS-50A's, Roland brings 24-bit digital nearfield monitoring and...
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    FS: Pioneer 2 channel mixer - djm 400 // $400

    It's in perfect shape as I used it very little. It's spent most of it's time simply acting as a pre-amp to my speakers instead of for actual mixing. $400 Email me: info (at) promorecords. ca Blurb from Pioneer about the mixer..... 2 Channel 96 kHz / 24 bit Digital Mixer 5...
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    FS: 40 records (early 90's Jungle/Drum & Bass) $200

    40 early 90's jungle/drum & bass records. Nothing pressed after '95, lots of classic original ragga and drum & bass stuff. Selling them as a lot > $200 for all 40. Interested? Email > records@promorecords.ca
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    FS: 350+ Records (breaks/house) $700

    More than 350 records. More than half of them are breaks with some classic house, drum & bass and oldschool hip hop in the pile. Lots of older and harder to find gems. The majority of it from the mid '90's. Some artists and labels include: -Freestylers -DJ Icee -Mike & Charlie -Todd...
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    ROBB G - Repercussions Radio Mix

    http://soundcloud.com/robbg/robb-g-repercussions-radio-mix My high impact 30 minute mix for Jay Hamilton's Repercussions radio. Big thanks to Jay for having me. You can check-out the entire episode which includes Jay's stellar house at this link > Jay Hamilton & Robb G - Repercussions Radio...
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    150 Records - Mostly Breaks - $100

    Found another huge crate buried the closet that I didn't know about during our move. Mostly breaks with some trip hop and a few house records in the pile. Lots of quality stuff, plenty of oldschool mid 90's bits as well as newer funky and nu school tracks. ..:: 150 Records - $100 ...
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    200 Records - Mostly Breaks - $100

    Moving again and I'm cutting down the pile to fit on one shelf. It means I have a stack of just over 200 records that have to go. It's mostly breaks with a few bits of funky house. (it's all records bought at Play De, Traxx, 2 The Beat, Release etc....no copies of "Saturday Night Fever" in the...
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    MIKI MUTE - LEVEL 1 MIX (techno / tech-house)

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    New in box > Sony MDR-V900HD Headphones - $50

    Sony MDR-V900HD Headphones Brand new in box. Only had them for a couple days. I bought them off ebay and I'm thinking they're likely knockoffs. GREAT for DJ'ing but not quite what I'm after for studio mixdowns. $50 You can PM me but you'll likely get a faster response by email: info...
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    * ROBB G - Dirty Smart Summer Mini Mix *

    New 30 minute summer teaser mix. Brimming with funk and basslines (house, bass, disco, electro, even a dash of breaks). http://soundcloud.com/robbg/robb-g-dirty-smart-summer-mini-mix Direct mp3 link: http://x.promorecords.ca/mixes/ROBBG_DIRTYSMART.mp3 Tracklist: 1. WHISKEY PETE -...
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    FS: Stanton Uberstand

    I bought this and have only ever taken it out of the house twice. I wasn't a fan of the height it sits the laptop at. Perfect condition, near new, but I have miss-placed the twist tie for it (it came with a plastic tie to help hold the stand in position). You'll have to either get some plastic...
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    ** robb g - jan 2010 promo mix **

    Lots of fun to make and full of CANCON :) DOWNLOAD IT HERE: Download ROBB G_Jan 2010 Promo Mix.mp3 from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way TRACKLIST: 1. Stupid Fresh - Do The Dog (Robb G remix) 2. Curtis B - Play My Jam (Robb G remix) 3. Nom De Strip - Flapjack 4...
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    Need Used Crackberry for Bell STAT!

    Mine is on the fritz bigtime and no longer under warranty. I need to get my hands on a used blackberry that works on Bell asap while I figure out the longterm solution. Hit me up on here or info AT promorecords DOT ca Spanks!
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    ROBB G Oct 2009 - Mix for Hatiras Radio

    . STREAM + DOWNLOAD MIX VIA LINK BELOW: ROBB G - ROBB G - Mix for Hatiras Radio Oct 2009 - SoundCloud Mix made for Hatiras' weekly radio show. You can check out his show and download the other episodes here: Hatiras.com TRACKLIST: 1. Fake Blood - Fix Your Accent 2. Robb G -...
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    Want to rent your bubble machine!

    Need a bubble machine for this Fri. The place we had lined up forgot to mention the obligatory delivery charge which is twice as much as the rental fee (and they won't allow you to pick up!). SOooooo, if you have a bubble machine that you're willing to rent. Pls private msg me or email > info...
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    Need drivers but can't connect to internets to get 'em!

    Just bought a new prebuilt PC desktop from Canada Computers for basic office use sans OS as I own a legit copy of XP pro. Problem is that I seem to have lost the second disk that had the generic drivers on it. There's loads of all in one driver programs such as 'driver detective' that will...
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    .. :: ROBB G > Spring Tease 2009 :: ..

    ROBB G - Spring Tease 2009 (18 tracks> 45 mins): "Right click, save as" http://x.promorecords.ca/mixes/ROBB_G_Spring_Tease_2009_320k.zip Tracklist: 1. Sharps "Girl Sweat" (Robb G remix) 2. Josh Wink "Don't Laugh" Accapella 3. Tim Healy & Mike Adamo "Ghettoblaster" (Hatiras remix)...
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    Re: Renting A Studio in Toronto?

    I do most of my work on a very modest set-up at home with my lappy and go to a friend's place to mix things down (love you Dylan!). I'm looking to rent a studio for a couple days to make music with someone that will be here from out of town. I've got plenty of friends with home studios but...
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    . . We did this remix a couple years back and it never ended up seeing the light of day so we thought we could spread a little holiday spirit. It's a big breaks and bass reworking of an Icey classic. STREAM PREVIEW: http://x.promorecords.ca/preview_icey_RGTPC.mp3 To get your full...
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    Happy Bday Kick ! ! !

    Big hugs & kisses for you my love :)