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    Teacher denied unpaid leave to accompany Father to Holland

    Art Boon deserves more from school board | Beacon Herald Whatever reason the Avon Maitland District School Board has for denying history teacher Rick Boon’s request for a two-week unpaid leave of absence isn’t good enough. It doesn’t matter what rules or guidelines the board has in place...
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    Thugs beatdown staff at Toronto bar, police "can't do anything about it"

    repost from a friend on FB In the neighbourhood... "Dear Neighbours, Just letting you all know, one of my employees and the local bartender at Bar 1602 (1602 Dundas) were attacked last night, in the bar, at closing time, by 3 young men and 1 young woman. The group shouted profanities as...
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    doing some craft shows here, went to the Rider game last night, good times! Looking on suggestions on cheap places to stay in between, and interesting things to do, bars, clubs etc...
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    I am in love with these things.
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    F$^K buddies

    soooo how has this worked out for people? I think there should be a club for ppl over 30 who want fuck buddies. i guess its ashley madison or sumfin these days. I have waaay to my friends over 30, just divorced, who probably want to get laid...and no more kids...so how does someone navigate this...
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    I get so frustrated with all the political/police/supposed leaders of community/other stuff too, bullshit abuse of power...it just seems to get worse everyday. Since the majority of people supposedly vote for these people, I guess that means I hate over 50% of the people. But almost everyone I...
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    Hey, havent had a computer for a while, what type of downloader thinger is the best for torrents from TPB? I think i used to use shadow experimental or something like that?
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    LF-Seasonal Part Time Retail - Montreal

    POOK and HOCKEY SOCKEY are setting up a kiosk at the Montreal Eaton Centre this year, starting around the end of October, until late January. I will be the working manager, looking for 1 or 2 people to fill in evenings (4-9) and Sundays (11-5). We are looking for people who like to have fun...
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    CrazyAmy's baking company

    Wow, watched Kitchen Nightmares last night, she is totally nutbar! Then found all this from a couple years back... Amy Bouzaglo of Amy's Baking Company on the news regarding a Yelp review - YouTube...
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    Dave Grohl is awesome

    Lemmy feat. Slash & Dave Grohl - Ace of Spades - YouTube Foo Fighters & Led Zeppelin - Rock N' Roll (Live @ Wembley Stadium 2008) - YouTube Dave Grohl - Band on the Run - Live @ the white house (unblocked region version) - YouTube Dave Grohl Tiny Dancer - YouTube Also other stuff. I...
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    Good Customer Service - Thrifty CGY

    Wanted to share a ~good~ story instead of the seeming usual bad... Like a dumbass, I was running late to catch a 1:45 flight out of Calgary. Had to drive from The Hat, and check out of the hotel in the morning. Also had to drop off some items at a storage unit about 15 mins from the...
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    Entrance themes

    If you were going to be in WWE, MMA, or anything else that you needed an entrance theme, what would you pick? AC/DC : The Razors Edge 1990 - YouTube White Zombie - Thunder Kiss '65 - YouTube The Prodigy - 'Breathe' - YouTube Forty Six & 2 - Tool - YouTube Rage Against The Machine: Bulls On...
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    Radio Moscow - Thu july 12 - silver doller

    should be fucking awesome.
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    Stuff sucke

    So here was my week...bad thing one, girlfriend broke up with me. Bad thing 2 had 3 different jobs I wanted not go my way. 3 found out I hav a rare tumor and have a bunch of tests this week. crappy, any advice on dealing w crap?
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    RIP Wade Belak

    So sad, leaving behind a wife and 2 kids...when will the NHL realize that they should have some mental health available for everyone. RIP golden retriever/ friendly giant
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    learn how to drive, asshole!

    I live in a small city, and commute to the country. Today I got cut off 5 times by people turning right the fuck in front of me, and twice I had to apply my E-Brake to avoid a collision...Super fucking sweet! One was a school bus that did not stop fully at the stop sign and went straight...
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    Heat Wave 2010

    Holy fucking shit it was hot today...no breeze like the last couple days. I had a reading of 39c in the shade. Got out to the field at 6 am and it was already 26c. Deliveries are tomorrow so I ended up putting in 13 hours...had to take lots of breaks...felt like passing out few times...the...
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    So, why didn't u tell me about...

    Vinyl and Warehouse...those places rocked...just got home...reminded me of the old days...even heard my fav remix of VOICESSSSSSSSSSSS inside my head!!!!!!!!!
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    World Juniors Hockey

    Canada goes for #6 in a row this year in Saskatoon. Tonight in Calgary they are playing Finland...just had 8 guys from team Finland stop by the booth. They look smaller than I thought they would.