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    House Explodes at St. Clair and Mount Pleasant

    Like Whoa ..... Hope the kids were at school :O Toronto paramedics report one person was seriously injured in a possible house explosion in the St. Clair and Mount Pleasant area. One house was apparently destroyed and two others were damaged around 11am in what may have been a natural...
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    Would you like some dead rat with that salad?

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWW! :eek: Cowboys coach claims family found dead rat in salad DALLAS — Dallas Cowboys assistant coach Todd Haley is suing a suburban McDonald's, claiming his wife and the family's live-in baby sitter found a dead rat in a salad they took home and began to eat...
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    BRT: noodle - clean yo' filthy box!

    Eeeeeeeeeeew ........ you're so very dirtay! ;) Clean it!
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    From the Why I'm Glad I'm Not In School Anymore File

    Gunman takes hostages at Colorado high school Bomb squad, SWAT team called in Sep. 27, 2006. 04:35 PM ASSOCIATED PRESS BAILEY, Colo. — An adult gunman took at least four people hostage at the high school in this tiny mountain town today and several shots were reported fired, authorities...
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    BRT - Kyfe - Clean your box you filthy animal!

    Yo box is dirtay .... just like Paris's! :p
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY quantumize!

    Happy quarter century Joe! In honour of your Birthday we'll go out and have a pint at lunch that way you can spend the afternoon drunk and happy! ;) Too bad the Italian's didn't co-operate and give you an early birthday gift ... hehe :p
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    Woman who gave birth after abortion wins Quebec lawsuit

    WHOH! :eek: Woman who gave birth after abortion wins suit Apr. 4, 2006. 11:50 PM MONTREAL (CP) — A Montreal hospital has been ordered to pay $45,000 in damages to a woman who gave birth to twins, several weeks after undergoing an abortion. Saoudat Batoukaeva went to the St-Luc...
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    Teen Found Guilty in Beating Death of Brother

    Brother guilty in Johnathan slaying Feb. 27, 2006. 02:09 PM PETER SMALL STAFF REPORTER The 19-year-old big brother of a slain Toronto boy known only as Johnathan has been found guilty of first-degree murder and another charge of attempted murder for trying to kill his stepfather. Of...
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    Dogs can sniff cancer - Are you ready for dognosis?

    Dognosis: Canines can sniff out cancer in early stages Tests suggest Labs can outperform labs at detecting tumours Font: * * * * Tom Spears, The Ottawa Citizen Published: Thursday, January 12, 2006 Dogs can often detect cancer, even in its early stages, by smelling the breath of...
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    HIV-positive man sent to trial for murder

    AIDS activists yesterday decried the decision of a Hamilton judge to send an HIV-positive man to trial for first-degree murder because he allegedly passed on the infection to two women who later died. Ontario Court Judge Norman Bennett ruled yesterday that there is enough evidence to commit...
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    IBM thinkpad - $250

    IBM Thinkpad Intel Pentium II Processor 365 MHZ 128 MB Ram 6 GB HDD Docking Station with FDD & CD Rom Nylon Carry Bag Windows XP already loaded $250 posting for friend, please contact him, don't PM me kamran_666 [at] hotmail dot com
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    Man sues God for not preventing murder

    Murderer points a finger at God Suing Him for failing to save him from Devil Reneged on `baptism pact' to keep evil at bay A convicted murderer says the Devil made him do it — but he wants God to pay for his sins. The inmate, a Romanian identified only as Pavel M., is suing God...
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    Sharam at Ultra

    Sharam at Ultra July 7th Anyone planning on hitting this up?
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    Oooooooh I get to start my first thread! I had a great night ....... haven't been to a big guv party in a while! Still to wreaked to be completely coherent but I will try anyway. Got to the club around 1230 and there was a massive lineup, that thankfully, moved quickly! Nick Warren was...