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  1. veteze

    VETEZE - Summer Camp X (MasterSounds Cut)

    VETEZE - Summer Camp X (MasterSounds Cut) This past August we did the 10th edition of our annual Summer Camp event. I opened for Marcus Meinhardt who was followed by Dirty Doering. I gave myself a two hour slot that night. This is the 3 hour set I could have / would have played. All of these...
  2. veteze

    Pioneer DJM-2000NEXUS Pro DJ DJM-2000nexus mixer AND ECM case - $2500!

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1381510545 Selling my DJM2000 NXS mixer and its custom ECM case. It's an amazing piece of hardware. I will post photos tonight. $2500 https://www.pioneerdj.com/en/product/mixer/djm-2000nxs/black/overview/ KEY FEATURES ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY With...
  3. veteze

    VETEZE - Blinker Mix (November 2017)

    VETEZE - Blinker Mix Blinker Mix! Some new synthetic music for you. It's full of techy, textured, amazing tunes. I'm really happy with this one. This track list has been simmering for a month or so now and has been re-arranged a couple times. I've pulled some duds out, made it less "slow" at...
  4. veteze

    VETEZE - Not a techno mix

    https://hearthis.at/veteze/not-a-techno-mix Despite how much I tried to keep this deep and lovely I still couldn't help drop a couple techno songs in here. Whoops! But they're the softer kind. Enjoy! ;) 1 - Francesco Rossi, David Garza - When You Touch Me 2 - Jan Blomqvist - Stories Over...
  5. veteze

    VETEZE - Lucky Part 1

    I don't currently have any plans to be playing anywhere through November/December - maybe a Shinenkai Party in January? We'll see. But I do have a ton of awesome new music so, I've mixed it all together into a new pair of mixes called "Lucky". Here's Part 1. Tracklist: 1 - Cubicolor -...
  6. veteze

    VETEZE - Summer Camp 8

    VETEZE - Summer Camp 8 Our recorder messed up recording my mix at Summer Camp 8 so I've re-recorded the set that I played. These are all the same tracks I played in the same order. I don't have a 3rd deck at home so I wasn't able to mix in the same loops and vocal things that I did during my...
  7. veteze

    FOR SALE: Dynacord D12-3A - $950

    I have one of these for sale. $950 or best offer. Amazing DJ monitor or party speaker. Comes with a padded cover as well. I've upgraded to a pair of monitors finally. Not Dynacord unfortunately because you can't buy these anymore. This is still servicable though. It's basically a three way...
  8. veteze

    New mix - VETEZE - "Secret Mix" - May 2016

    Wow a new mix! Stream it: https://www.mixcloud.com/veteze/veteze-secret-mix-may-2016 Download it: http://veteze.com/mix/VTZ016%20-%20VETEZE%20-%20Secret%20Mix.mp3 Tracks: 1 - WhoMadeWho - Hi & Low (M.A.N.D.Y.'s Higher and Lower Remix) 2 - Kaiserdisco - Jet Stream (H.O.S.H. Remix)...
  9. veteze

    VETEZE - Shinnenkai @ Sterling - Feb 20

    Weekend Session from a small party we put on. https://soundcloud.com/veteze/shinnenkai-sterling Will post the track list soon! ;)
  10. veteze

    LF: Burning Man Tickets and/or Vehicle Passes

    If anyone comes across any burning man tickets I am looking for a couple. If you see anyone selling tickets in your networks PLEASE COMMIT TO PURCHASING THEM RIGHT AWAY! And then get in touch with me ryan@veteze.com, 416-834-5367. Tickets are starting to arrive in peoples mailboxes and a...
  11. veteze

    custom 6U Hardshell rack-mount / rackmount case by ECM

    6U Hardshell case by Engineered Case Manufacturers in Mississauga. 16 inch inside depth. Removable front and back with indicator arrows to show which way panels go back on. I've outgrown this case. It's about 7 years old. It's been to a lot of places. There's no damage anywhere but it...
  12. veteze

    Upcountry Evoke storage bed w/ 6 drawers, matching nightstands

    This is a great bed. It can fit so much stuff. We're downsizing and this is the first casualty. The bed being sold is Espresso with an Espresso backboard. I will post photos of the actual bed tonight (including photos of any blemished areas). Queen size 82" X 63" This bed comes with 6 large...
  13. veteze

    Pair Ortofon OM Nightclub MKII on Technics headshells

    I have a pair of these. Nightclub MK2 E needles are pretty much new. I bought these to replace a pair that was broken at an event and then I sold my TTs a month later and these have been in a drawer ever since. About 5 years. Also comes with a couple extra needles that do have some plays on...
  14. veteze

    LF: 5 Seats for Wicked @ Mirvish Sunday October 26th 1:30pm

    This is a long shot I know. I have this on kijiji also. Looking for FIVE seats in a row. preferably mezzanine. Please contact me. 416-834-5367. ryan@veteze.com
  15. veteze

    For Rent - Pioneer NXS gear

    For rent: Pair CDJ 2000 Nexus - $60/day, $120/week DJM 2000 Nexus - $90/day, $180/week email (preferred) ryan@veteze.com or call 416-834-5367 or message me on here.
  16. veteze

    Bose Companion 2 Series I Speakers

    These have a dent in one speaker and there's a little static on the volume knob when you adjust the volume but these are otherwise fine desktop computer speakers. You don't need a giant plastic sub with these speakers. Priced accordingly. $35. The Bose® Companion® 2 Series I Multimedia...
  17. veteze

    Apple Airport Express A1084 54 Mbps Wireless G Router

    This has been in a drawer for a few years now. Makes an excellent wireless extender! The Apple M9470LL/A is a compact, wireless base station router, that will help you create a wireless network at home and share your iTunes digital music collection with friends with ease. Supporting 128-bit...
  18. veteze

    Monte Cubino Chair Contemporary Chair for Children

    Sturdy and comfortable chair, removable seat cushion, completely removable and machine washable covers. lounging during a cartoon or reading books on their own, kids will love this cool chair.
  19. veteze

    m-audio firewire audiofile 4in/6out 2496 audio interface

    I've had this sound card for years! It's solid. I just don't have a firewire output on my current setup anymore so this has been sitting unused for some time. Includes aftermarket 12v power adapter (it didn't come with one) for those who's firewire output won't give it enough juice. Inclused...
  20. veteze

    P'kolino Wooden Clothes Tree - $50

    Modern children's decor. very stable and extremely durable baltic birch with water-based finish clothes tree. 8 arms to hang clothes Dimensions: height - 46 Inches, Width - 24 Inches