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    19+ Hardcore ?

    i dont think anything 19+ works in toronto... well, 'cept random nights at lab, top 40 and house. the rest is straight risky. i personally like hardcore, but just the "rotterdam" stuff. book dominik, grimace, and an S.O.S. old skool set, i would attend that.
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    >>Samsung Flat screen Monitor for SALE<<

    *Bump* Sick Monitor at a sick price. You are straight up silly to pass this up (but i alrady have the 950NF - best monitor ever)
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    Looking For A Place October 1!

    hey, its a bit late. WESTSIDE IS BESS! whats with everyone looking for oct 1st. whats wrong with sept 1st?
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    Buying a laptop

    find me a laptop with 2 bays to support that.
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    Buying a laptop

    dont forget gateway, they have some pretty sick prices as well. like everyone is saying, it depends on what you want to use it for. the other thing you should think about is what sort of geeks do you know? do you know people that fix your computer for you, or will you have to rely on a...
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    oh yaa.. i forgot to mention. the 2 headlining dj's did get paid. the sound guy did get taken care of. they did not make djs spin for free, they asked them to. and they did not send people around to collect donations as saffron already said. but really.. what is this scene about if everyone...
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    so typical of people in this lovely rave scene to point out the short commings of others.. how about most of you try and do something for the love like i know kellan and ama do and not for the money.. and as to the dj's getting paid thing.. i never expect money to spin.. im just glad i get the...