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    Plump Dj's-Rub Off

    Just got a copy of The Rub Off, and I'd have to really disagree with people saying it's 'under-produced' the intro is mind-blowing on its own, let alone the rest of the track. Solid tune through and through, me says.
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    Angus Robertson

    haha... yeah, well at least they got my first name right ;)
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    The Crystal Method - Community Service 2

    haven't heard the mix, but the vinyl sampler's wicked. my fave is the hyper remix of bound too long. yowza!
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    Tayo and Frank Tope (rooty djs)

    yes, same Tayo sorry, thought I made that clear with my above post... 'guess not! ;)
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    Tayo and Frank Tope (rooty djs)

    he also plays house, but not under the name Tayo. Rooty DJs are pretty big... they play Ibiza n' whatnot.
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    Breaks review of Decadence?

    I thought Freeland's set at system in the fall was pretty damn good. A little too loud, but solid nonetheless. Rennie's always solid! I don't think we'll have too many arguements on that one ;)
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    Czech - On the Ragga Tip

    Czech just sent me a box of his new Ragga Breaks CD (it's very good!!!) for me to give out to whoever wants a copy. If you'd fancy a [free] copy, stop by Release Records (527 Yonge St) and ask for me. They are somewhat limited, so if you think you're gonna want one, don't wait too long. To...
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    myagimail (list)

    sign me up for the spam!!! ....errrrr, I mean, myagimail! :p
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    Atomic Hooligan "you Are Here" Out Today

    The album is amazing, but the vinyl sampler doesn't do it justice! There are so many fine tracks on the CD - if you've only heard the vinyl sampler, do yourself a favour and pick up the CD for your at home listening pleasure. Proper album from start to finish.
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    First Quarter Review (CHARTS!)

    on money shot, there is a new myagi tune (which isn't finished yet) looking to be released at the end of the year called Dirty Girls (massive remix TBA), as well as a new steelz track which will probably come out in the fall. Next up is a new one from Infekto which will hopefully be out in...
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    The Best Bombscare Mashup

    heh... that's just brutal ;)
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    Myagi - The 57 Chevy (Original/Slyde Remix) / The Mothra Shuffle

    hey sauce. come down to release. I'll sort you out. We just got the finished copies in stock (tons of them) so they'll be in stock for a while.
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    Top 50 DJ's as voted at Breakspoll ( FAO Angus Robinson )

    they're database has been kinda screwy... right now, that image is displaying the top 50 Producers, not DJs... it's been messing up all week apparently. More info is posted about this on the NSB site.
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    Myagi - The 57 Chevy (Original/Slyde Remix) / The Mothra Shuffle

    the way around posting audio links on the release site is use www.release-records.com instead of r e l e a s e r e c o r d s .com. here's the audio sample http://www.release-records.com/RAM/13779.RAM still don't know why that's been banned........
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    we'll be getting both of these at release very soon... no shipment next week due to the miami conference (and due to my heading to china). the week after should be insane for good records!
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    Sgt Rock - No Skool Remixes (Splank!) OUT NOW!

    Dave... when are we gonna see some more Price Cuts tunes? Huh?? HUH????
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    :) "DISASTER" Signed To UK Label...

    Good job Mr Gilbert & Mr Black Belt. Tune and a half says I. A little birdy told me that it's the Breaks Single Of The Month in Urb magazine as well ;)
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    Top 50 DJ's as voted at Breakspoll ( FAO Angus Robinson )

    Yeah, this was a rather pleasant surprise to say the least. I'm finding it hard to believe that I beat out Jay Cunning, JDS, and the Drumattic Twins. Don't see how that's really possible, but I'll take it! No one's mentioned Influenza yet! They're sittin pretty at number 24. Canada represent...
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    Max Sedgeley - "Devil Inside"

    I prefer the original to the kraak en smaak remix, but both are exceptional. yeah, this should be out within the next 2 weeks.