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    Track Id Help

    Not sure if this belongs in the Progressive or the House forum, but since I heard Dave Seaman play this track, I'll ask the question here. All suggestions would be much appreciated. So, the track has these female vocals: "I, me, we're your friends You will never be lonely again Come on...
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    living on your own and shopping? best deals?

    hello all, i will finally be moving out on my own in a couple of months. however i am completely lost as to where to find the best prices on groceries, home essentials, and basically all the regular expenses associated with living on your own. so any suggestions would be appreciated...
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    James Holden Live@Screen Helsinki (30-03-2002) tracklisting?

    does anyone have it or know where I can find it?
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    DJ's/sets recommendations?

    Hi guys, Can someone please recommend any sets or DJ's which are similar to what they play at the Comfort Zone on Sundays? That would much appreciated :) Thanks
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    track id?

    hi all, can anyone help me with a track id, please? it is a track which was popular last year, sounds very similar to "mind rewind" by cass & slide on gu22 disk1. digweed played it in his first set at the kool haus last week... it's that track that keeps going "up and down"... sorry, i...