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    CONTENT SALE - downsizing - Sunday DEC 6th noon-5

    Posting for my lovely lady: 120 WRIGHT AVE (Roncesvalles) Please visit Photobucket for more pictures: Lizyyz's Library | Photobucket Large Scale Downsizing Content Sale 12pm - 5 pm Low Prices, Everything must go, from a non-smoking home Come by, browse, name your price on most items...
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    FS: Ikea Expedit Shelving Unit

    Currently downsizing and have a large Ikea Expedit Shelving unit for sale. $100 Brown/Black in colour 4X4 cubes. Great to store vinyl, divide a room, etc... 15.5''d x 58.75''w x 58.25''h Reach out if you are interested!!
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    2015-2016 NBA/Raps Thread

    Didn't see one started yet, so here it is. 5-0 Great way to start the season :)
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    Weekend Cottage Rentals in Muskoka?

    Hey there, Does anyone know of any weekend (fri-sun) cottage rentals in the Muskokas. Looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom cottage, but most places I am finding only rent by the week. Any recommendations out there in Tribeland? Cheers, Sam
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    FS: (NOV) Post-Secondary School TTC MetroPass

    Hey all, My gf has a Metropass for Nov (a Post-Secondary School one) that she doesn't have much use for for the rest of the month. I know most Tribers' University or College days are well past them, but incase there is someone out there who has use for this, let me know. $60 bucks and...
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    Weekend Cottage Rentals - Kawartha Lakes or nearby?

    ...just thought I'd put it out there if anyone knows any cottage rentals that would do a fri and sat in the Kawartha Lakes or surrounding area? Most places I'm finding only rent out by the week in the summer. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    sam soulshack - SWEATER WEATHER [deep house]

    http://soundcloud.com/sam-soulshack/sweaterweather-sam-soulshack Some moody deep house to suit the chill in the air :) Enjoy!! Deep in It - St Germain Running Away - Tony Lionni Jeans Afterthought- Jean Caffine Together (original dub mix) - Interceptor In-depth - Deetron and...
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    sam soulshack - TRAIN 66 (deep tech/house)

    Wanted to share my latest mix. Got inspired on my train ride to Montreal last weekend. Hope you enjoy....a moody tech/house mix on the deep side. Track list: Wupp Dek - Robag Wruhme The Rat - Lovebirds Hard to Find (Maceo Plex Funk Drop) - Maceo Plex Elif (Will Saul & Tam Cooper...
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    Blue Potato - SAM SOULSHACK (deep house and tech)

    A new mix...definitely more on the deep tech side of things for me! Listen, download, share, enjoy! http://soundcloud.com/sam-soulshack/blue-potato S* tracklisting. the climax - paperclip people beautiful liars - milton jackson beat goes boom - lovebirds around the bay -...
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    SPARROW LAKE - Sam Soulshack (deep house and tech)

    http://soundcloud.com/sam-soulshack/sparrow-lake This is the first mix I am posting in this forum. A deep house mix on the tech side of things....recorded during a late summer cottage getaway. Here's the track listing....enjoy: Want You in my Soul – Lovebirds ft. Stee Downs...
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    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) Trying to assist my gf out with some legal issues pertaining to separation and divorce. Thanks in advance everyone!!
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    does anyone know how I can get Adobe CS4 for cheap?

    Tried downloading a bootleg version, however and serial numbers I have tried don't work. Does anyone know anywhere I can get a copy of this without paying a bazillion dollars? Any help would be great....I need it for a school course.
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    MOVING SALE - Stuff Must Go By NOV 30

    Posting for my sis...contact her at leilaois at hotmail.com or 416 825 9520 Great moving sale - lots of items! -Beautiful dark navy blue leather couch, 3 seats (pictured) $100.00 OBO -Sony 27" Flat screen TV - 2002 tube model, silver colour, great condition, great sound - $30 OBO...
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    FS: 2GB of RAM for MACs

    Hey all, Just posting this for my girlfriend. Brand new in sealed package, DDR2-667/2GB of memory for Apple computers....from Kingston Technology. She bought it for her old Macbook Pro, but just ended up getting a new Macbook Pro and not needing the extra RAM. She paid 70.00 plus tax...
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    Suggestions for a good brunch place that takes reservations?

    ...any suggestions are welcome. Need a place for a family birthday brunch this sunday :) thanks!!
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    LF: 26" X 1.75 rear wheel for mountain bike...

    hey all, i'm going to look for one at MEC or a bike shop in the next few days, but i thought i'd see if anyone out there can help me out. my rear wheel was jacked from my mountain bike today....i had specialized fatboy road slicks on it. essentially i am i the market for a 26" x 1.75"...
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    HELP!! Windows isn't booting up :(

    When I turn my puter on it goes to the Windows XP logo with the moving bars underneath, but that's it....it's like it is booting up but stays in that state without actually booting up. Tried starting it in safe mode but that doesn't work either....I get a screen with something similar to the...
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    Join Sam, Leila, Alexandra, Kat, Nika and Julienne this Sunday July 19th, between 8am and noon for a backyard sale that can only be described as awesome. 1042 College Street, between Dufferin and Dovercourt 8am to noon (possibly longer) old/vintage clothing . stuff . more stuff . random...
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    BSS @ Beats Breaks + Culture

    Wow. Just wow. Broken Social Scene were simply incredible last night. They sounded tight and it was amazing to have the whole band, including Leslie Feist, Amy Millan and Emily Haines performing as well. I unfortunately missed the first half of their show as I was delayed getting down...
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    LF: Charger for Samsung M-510 Cell Phone

    Hey there, If anyone has an old charger for this phone they can spare, please let me know. My girlfriend has lost hers and I'm trying to be a hero. PM me if ya have one...much appreciated!!! Here's what the phone looks like: